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Seismic Acquires SAVO: What it means for customers

Today we announced a definitive agreement to acquire SAVO Group, bringing together two of the major global sales enablement brands. It is a significant chapter in our company’s history and the overall sales enablement market. By bringing SAVO Group and their customer base into the Seismic family, Seismic will have more than 450 employees and 500 enterprise customers across the globe. It also further extends our leadership position in this rapidly innovating and maturing space by making Seismic about three times as large as our next largest competitor.

But enough about us. The main beneficiaries of this acquisition—and the main reasons why we did this—are our customers. Our combined customer bases will now have a level of sales enablement technology and expert resources available to them that we could have only dreamed of offering a few years ago—further helping them exceed their goals of becoming true leaders at their organizations.

Before the acquisition, Seismic’s engineering and development team was already 150 strong. With SAVO on board, customers will enjoy an even greater pace of product innovation.

Seismic’s customer success team is the most robust in the industry. With SAVO on board, customers will enjoy the additional experience and expertise courtesy of the sales enablement industry originator.

Seismic’s customer base is remarkably complementary to SAVO’s, with both companies having largely focused on large enterprises in similar industries (technology, financial services, life sciences). With SAVO on board, customers will enjoy more opportunities to help each other through Seismic’s online forum Seismic Community, Seismic’s annual customer event Seismic Shift, and industry-specific best practices and guidance being offered by our customer teams.

Why now?

We’re in the middle of an incredible time for sales enablement leaders. It is one of the fastest growing areas of the sales and marketing. In fact, according to SiriusDecisions, last year 74% of organizations increased their sales enablement budgets.

The reason is simple: It works. By aligning marketing and sales teams to ensure that sellers have all the content, information, and training they need to be the best they can be at their jobs, collaboration increases, sales cycles decrease, and both teams can pinpoint their impact on the bottom line.

We at Seismic live and breathe this every day, and our devotion to our customers’ success through our customer success team and an industry leading platform (which we also use internally) has helped us achieve consistent triple-digit revenue growth and net customer retentions rates year after year to become the largest sales enablement provider. SAVO, meanwhile, as the first sales enablement technology provider and with customers across industries and countries, brings exceptional additional expertise to the table to further help customers succeed.

With SAVO joining Seismic, we are giving our customers unprecedented levels of resources to be the leaders in this exciting space and in this exciting time, redefining the potential of sales and marketing in their respective regions and industries.

Sales enablement is a paradigm shift in how companies engage their buyers, and right now—today—it’s on the cusp of becoming a universal movement for large enterprises across the globe. We couldn’t be more excited to lead the way.

– Doug Winter, Seismic CEO and co-founder


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Doug Winter
Doug Winter
Doug Winter is the co-founder and CEO of Seismic. Doug also co-founded Objectiva Software Solutions. Doug served as Chief Operations Officer and general manager at EMC Document Sciences until founding Seismic in 2010. In 2019, Doug was named one of the 10 Best CEOs of Small/Mid-Size Companies in the U.S. by Comparably.