Enableship: Training underrepresented candidates for careers in enablement

As the global leader in enablement, Seismic is equally committed to the growth of the enablement industry and the health of the ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem requires a diversity of perspectives, voices, and experiences in order to thrive. Today, we announced the launch of Enableship, Seismic’s partnership with Sales Enablement Society and SV Academy to train, mentor, and help increase the placement of underrepresented candidates into entry-level enablement roles. 

The Enableship program is launching at a time of rapid growth within the field of enablement. Between May and June 2021, employers on LinkedIn posted nearly 16,000 open enablement roles. Yet, enablement—like many other careers in the tech sector—lacks talent from diverse backgrounds. 

Why we’re launching Enableship

We’re on our own journey to become a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company, and we’d like to work together with the wider enablement community to do the same. With the support of our executive leadership team, we decided to champion a program that will promote diversity and inclusion in the enablement industry, and help close the income inequality and wealth gap. 

We believe that Enableship is an opportunity to ensure that the pipeline of future enablement talent is diverse, inclusive, and reflective of the evolving American population. 

Partnering with Sales Enablement Society and SV Academy

SV Academy has a mission to empower one million underrepresented job-seekers to forge career paths in the tech industry. They’ve been recognized by Fast Company as the #2 Most Innovative Education Company in the World for 2020, and our partnership with SV Academy gives us the best opportunity to tear down barriers to entry into sales enablement careers. This isn’t about philanthropy — it’s about equitable access to jobs, opportunities, and wage expansion.

Students at the SV Academy are already building the skills they need to jumpstart careers in the tech industry. Through our partnership, students who attend SV Academy will have an opportunity to specialize in sales enablement. 

Sales Enablement Society (SES) is the flagship organization for sales enablement professionals. It is the largest global nonprofit organization for sales enablement and the most active network of sales enablement professionals. As a founding partner, SES will support the program’s mission by validating content, connecting mentors and employers to the program, and ensuring Enableship is truly an industry-wide program available to all who want to participate. 

Democratizing opportunity through learning and mentorship

Entry-level enablement roles, while historically rare, are now increasing in popularity. Sales and marketing are typical feeder pools, but these career functions also struggle with diversity. We have a unique opportunity to change this cycle at a time when the demand for entry-level candidates is accelerating.

The goal of Enableship is to offer training, coaching, mentorship, and a community network to help underrepresented candidates begin their enablement careers.

The program includes training in the competencies needed for an entry-level enablement associate role. SV Academy offers its students 300 hours of technical skills and leadership training. Through Enableship, learners will have an opportunity to specialize in enablement. Program graduates will have the opportunity to apply for paid apprenticeships and full-time roles with employer partners. Upon placement, graduates will have access to 12 months of coaching.

How to participate in Enableship

Candidates who are interested in participating in Enableship can apply today. Seismic, Sales Enablement Society, and SV Academy are looking forward to welcoming the initial cohort soon. 

Donna DeBerry
Donna DeBerry
Vice President of Global Inclusion
Donna is the vice president of global inclusion at Seismic, where she leads efforts to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce and company culture. She has more than 20 years of experience leading diversity and inclusion programs at global organizations, including leadership positions at Starbucks Corporation, Nike, Indeed and Wyndham Worldwide.