We’re thrilled to share that Seismic has partnered with Loopio, a leading RFP software provider that helps customers streamline their response process for RFPs, DDQs, and Security Questionnaires.

With this partnership, Seismic and Loopio have created the only complete, end-to-end solution for sales content management, proactive content delivery, and RFP response management.

“At Seismic, we’re always striving to enhance the customer experience and add value to any company’s sales and marketing tech stack. Our partnership with Loopio does just that,” said Seismic CEO and co-founder Doug Winter. “Our customers know that time is of the essence when responding to a new sales opportunity, and now they’re equipped with a competitive advantage thanks to this new, seamless integration with Loopio.

With the combination of Seismic and Loopio, you can provide your prospects with accurate, verified information at every stage of their evaluation process—not to mention consistent, compelling messaging that will instill confidence in your company.

The integration also improves:

Administrative efficiency: Avoid manual transfer and reformatting content across your two solutions.

Content confidence: Ensure all response content has been subject to relevant internal controls and approvals.

Centralized content management: Reduce the burden associated with maintaining multiple content libraries.

Sound good? Let’s talk about how to get started.