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Seismic Platform’s Compliance with the GDPR

Beginning on May 25, companies that collect or process data on European Union citizens will be required to comply with new privacy regulations and protections around that data.

The new set of rules, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is designed to strengthen protections around personal data and unify the EU under a consolidated regulatory scheme.

As a brief overview, some of the key points of the new regulations which are particularly pertinent to companies’ marketing and sales efforts include:

  • Consent: Individuals must consent to the collection and use of their data, along with the specific ways that data will be processed.
  • Transparency: Individuals have a right to know how their data is used and by whom.
  • Data deletion: Individuals have the right to request any of the personal information to be deleted (Right to be Forgotten).
  • Access requests: Individuals have the right to request access to their data.

(For more information on these and all other aspects of the GDPR, visit EUGDPR.org.)

As a company with an international presence and serving large, global enterprises, we are very focused on the GDPR and its implications for Seismic customers. We understand that in today’s age, data is both the cornerstone of a great customer experience and something to be cherished and cared for with utmost respect to the individual.

That is why, as a Data Processor, we reviewed the Seismic platform for compliance with applicable GDPR requirements. As a result, Seismic implemented several changes to our platform. Customers looking for more specific details on those changes can find them in our online customer forum, Seismic Community, which is accessible directly through their account.

If you’re looking for more information about the GDPR and Seismic — what it governs and the protections granted by the new regulation — visit this page dedicated to GDPR Compliance.

Seismic remains committed to our customers’ success across the globe, and today a major factor of that success is ensuring that all individuals interacting with Seismic are doing so in full trust and confidence. We hope that our efforts with the GDPR further show that commitment, and we look forward to working with customers to answer any regulation compliance questions they may have.