Seismic Shift Awards (pt. 1): Shining a spotlight on sales enablement leaders

Last week at Seismic Digital Shift, the sales enablement industry event of the year, Seismic revealed its Seismic Shift Award Winners and Challengers. Winners and Challengers in six categories were selected from Seismic’s 700+ customers and 70+ partners by Seismic’s customer success and partner teams. 

On the Seismic blog this week, Seismic will spotlight what makes 20 companies worthy of sales enablement bragging rights in 2021.

First up, the Forward Thinkers and Experience Makers category.

Forward Thinkers 

Forward Thinkers are planning for the future with imagination or wisdom, and are actively working to evolve their organizations and the industry. Forward Thinkers are never satisfied with the status quo, and always thinking about how to drive future success.

Cheers to our challengers!

  • Columbia Threadneedle Investments – Seismic stakeholders at Columbia Threadneedle have championed countless cross-functional strategic initiatives that involve Seismic. From rolling out Seismic to EMEA and APAC teams in 2020, to partnering with a consulting firm to determine how Columbia Threadneedle can further improve sales and marketing teams’ experiences with Seismic, Columbia Threadneedle is always thinking about the future. 
  • Telstra – “What do we need to do to get to the top 10 performing percentile?” Speaking volumes of its mission to be best-in-class, this was one of the first questions Telstra asked Seismic. Telstra consistently looks to global sales enablement best practices to ensure it is constantly improving how it uses Seismic. Its efforts have paid off, making it a truly Forward Thinking organization.

And the winner is…

  • Deluxe – A 100-year old company undergoing a digital transformation, Deluxe prioritized the implementation of Seismic to improve seller effectiveness with relevant content that’s easy to find. Seismic has proven to be a critical initiative in eliminating company silos and recasting the way Deluxe sells.

Experience Makers

Experience Makers create exceptional customer experiences through storytelling. Experience Makers know that great experiences don’t just happen, they are built by those who are willing to rethink everything in the pursuit of excellence.

Cheers to our challengers…

  • Nintex – Being a process and workflow automation provider makes the Nintex team natural innovators. Since day one of implementation, Nintex pushed the limits on what they could accomplish with Seismic. Nintex has leveraged Seismic API integrations to drive increased template usage for their end users. They’ve also put automation in place to auto-create new assets in the system to save both marketers and sellers time.
  • OfficeMax New Zealand OfficeMax NZ turned to Seismic Interactive Content to help transform its buyer experience. OfficeMax NZ have introduced showroom experiences, where a suite of interactive presentations will assist sellers to have buyer-driven conversations, and showcase product solutions in a more compelling and engaging way. OfficeMax NZ’s unique set-up will be sure to drive a memorable storytelling journey and help them stand out from the crowd.

And the winner is…

  • Microsoft – With a Seismic and Percolate integration, Microsoft was able to improve content delivery time from marketing to sales by 50 percent in three months, and support sellers in engaging buyers with the right content at the right time. With Seismic, Microsoft’s marketing and enablement teams have also been able to activate sales teams with sales plays and industry-specific solutions that ensure the best possible customer experience.

In our next blog post, we’ll spotlight two more Seismic Shift Award categories – Dream Team and Trailblazers.