Seismic Shift Awards (pt. 2): Shining a Spotlight on Sales Enablement Leaders

Last week at Seismic Digital Shift, the sales enablement industry event of the year, Seismic revealed its Seismic Shift Award Winners and Challengers. Winners and Challengers in six categories were selected from Seismic’s 700+ customers and 70+ partners by Seismic’s customer success and partner teams. 

On the Seismic blog this week, Seismic is spotlighting what makes 20 companies worthy of sales enablement bragging rights in 2021.

Earlier in the week, we featured the Forward Thinkers and Experience Makers. Today, we will dive into the Dream Team and Trailblazer categories:

Dream Team 

Dream Teams are those who come together to achieve something greater than the sum of their parts. Dream Teams build bridges and develop trust, and ultimately create a unified group that works together in pursuit of unparalleled success.

Cheers to our challengers!

  • Hillrom – The Hillrom team is incredibly in-tune with their sellers. They rolled out global expansion of Seismic with extreme precision, resulting in impressive adoption. Their open feedback policy with users allows Hillrom to continue to grow and improve the platform while striving for 100% adoption. 
  • SalesLoft – SalesLoft rolled out Seismic to their sales team in June 2020 and took a strategic, yet collaborative approach to their sales enablement efforts. The Revenue Enablement and Marketing team members joined together to make the Seismic implementation process a success. The project team ran a pilot group with their sales teams prior to kick off, collected feedback and hosted best practices office hours. The strategy and hard work from this team shows in their adoption and the recent expansion of Seismic across all customer-facing teams.
  • United Airlines – United Airlines began to roll Seismic out in April 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic that grounded everyone at home. The incredibly dedicated and skilled team at United remained focused, relying on LiveDocs and NewsCenter, among other things, to ensure everyone was in-sync and able to adapt quickly despite the challenges. The results speak for themselves – United achieved 98 percent adoption internally!

And the winner is…

  • Philips – Philips navigated internal pressures to deploy Seismic globally, as well as challenges brought on by remote work. With a holistic vision, clear roadmap, and precise strategy to standardize deployment, Philips was able to quickly roll Seismic out in all 17 markets to support go-to-market teams selling hospital solutions needed during the pandemic and beyond to increase the quality of healthcare. 


Trailblazers aren’t afraid to make big changes that get big results. Trailblazers are those who bring new ways of thinking and working, and who ultimately alter the overall trajectory and approach.

Cheers to our challengers…

  • Indeed – The Indeed team is always first to raise their hand to try something new with Seismic, and their feedback has been important in guiding Seismic’s own innovation around solutions like LiveDocs. The way Indeed is constantly improving their automation and sales enablement program is nothing short of progressive. They are true Trailblazers.
  • SAP – SAP is the gold standard in digital selling, developing a program that encompasses more than 16,000 employees and partners around the world. SAP developed an advanced training program to help employees and partners first shift their mindset around developing their personal brand and listening to their audiences, and then apply that training to be successful with Seismic LiveSocial and other social selling tools. 
  • Snyk – Snyk is constantly looking for new ways to use Seismic, sharing product ideas, and coming up with strategies to enable more of their company with Seismic. Snyk’s strong adoption numbers are reflective of the team’s hands-on approach to get sales reps comfortable with Seismic and their commitment to keeping content profiles prescriptive, updated, and exciting. 

And the winner is…

  • Lincoln Financial Group – Lincoln Financial Group implemented a vision that reimagined the wholesaler experience. Through their partnership with Seismic, Lincoln Financial Group created an innovative and effective way for wholesalers to engage with and educate financial professionals and clients, and facilitate conversations on financial products and services.

On Friday, we’ll spotlight our last two Seismic Shift Award categories – Innovator and Partner of the Year.