Simplify sales readiness with a single solution

It’s no secret that sales professionals are extremely busy. Most sellers don’t have the luxury of time for training or a few extra minutes to find the right collateral to share with a prospect. Understanding this, enablement practitioners face the difficult task of designing a training, coaching, and upskilling experience that fits neatly into a salesperson’s day. 

If you’ve ever struggled to plan training activities around a salesperson’s busy day, we’ve got some great news! Lessonly by Seismic streamlines the process of sales readiness through a native integration—right where sellers work, in Seismic.

Our sales training, coaching, and enablement solution is a single source of truth for training and content. Platform insights also give visibility into the impact of training on content adoption, win rates, average selling price, and other key business metrics.

The Lessonly by Seismic integration provides 3 key differentiated capabilities:

  • Deliver just-in-time training by aligning lessons with content in Seismic. Sellers can review a pitch deck in Seismic, complete a related lesson to learn best practices for pitching, and even practice the pitch, all on the same platform!  
  • Access deeper insights through combined data. Teams can measure how sellers engage with both content and lessons, providing increased visibility into how training and content impact the bottom line.  
  • Empower sellers to work within a single interface that provides a seamless experience. Rather than jumping between multiple applications and systems, sellers can access all of their content and training in a single environment. 

Designing a joint strategy for training, coaching, and enablement 

If you’re wondering how you might combine training and coaching with enablement, you’re in luck. We’ve conducted in-depth research and value review sessions with our customers and identified valuable best practices. 

First, let’s clarify how Lessonly & Seismic seamlessly work together.

  • Lessonly features training and coaching functions to teach learners how to succeed in their job. Content associated with teaching and learning is stored here.
  • Seismic provides sellers the content and context they need to do their job—from industry and corporate news, to slide decks and collateral.

And, whether your sellers need to learn or sell, Lessonly and Seismic are integrated seamlessly into one, connected experience. 

Four common use cases combine enablement, training, and coaching needs.

  • Skills Development – Up-level team members on the most relevant soft skills for their day-to-day role. Create training on objection handling and negotiation, and pair it with content such as battle cards and talk tracks.
  • Process and Playbook – Quickly create a team of experts on your latest playbook or methodology. Lessonly by Seismic includes training on workflows or best practices for certain processes.
  • Product Training – Cover core product knowledge, introduce new products, and updates to existing products. In Lessonly by Seismic, you might include training on product functionality and competitive advantage, alongside collateral such as product brochures and pricing templates.
  • Employee Onboarding – Quickly ramp new hires and ensure that they’re ready to work. Lessonly by Seismic offers onboarding training paths that guide new employees through their first few weeks, along with tip sheets, company, and industry news to get reps up to speed.


We understand that a ton of work goes into developing a training and enablement program. Lessonly by Seismic is designed to provide simplicity and insight into the process. Combining training, coaching, and enablement content in a single, seamless environment allows sellers to save time while accessing the resources they need to do their jobs well. 

To learn more about how you can simplify sales readiness, please speak with an expert.

Sheila Clayton
Sheila Clayton
Enterprise Enablement Strategist
Sheila Clayton is an Enterprise Enablement Strategist. She is passionate about collaborating with training and enablement practitioners to strategize and plan training initiatives that solve problems.