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Lessons from the Smarter Selling Campaign – Keys to Being a Better Seller, From the Sellers themselves

With Seismic’s new, truly personalized platform, the Era of the Smarter Seller is here. Our product is chock full of capabilities focused on making the platform as individualized as possible, such as predictive search, personalized content recommendations, and increased data to best engage buyers. Industry leaders such as Nancy Nardin of Smarter Selling Tools, Steven Wright of Vendor Neutral, and Jeff Davis from The Alignment Podcast have all chimed in on social media with their definitions of #SmarterSelling. As David Priemer puts it:

“#SmarterSelling is indeed a journey and something you need to be committed to! Like any other discipline, if you’re not learning and getting better every day, you will not only lose to those who do, but even worse, you will never realize your full potential.”

So if smarter selling is a journey that takes constant learning, who’s to learn from? Not all the insights come from people who analyze the industry, or people who have already made it to the top. Often, the smartest selling is coming from the people doing the work – the sales calls, the pulling together materials, the groundwork to make sure a potential client gets everything they want out of a product. Here are some highlights from the Smarter Selling Campaign:

  • Connor Green says it’s all about differentiating yourself. “It’s crucial to understand your client’s business, learn their products, and serve as a trusted advisor throughout the entire sales cycle,” he said. “By becoming that trusted advisor and ‘connecting the dots’ between what your company offers and what your client needs, your success in sales is imminent.”
  • Patrick O’Neil and Nolan Daley both put the bar for #SmarterSelling above closing the deal. “A smarter seller closes deals and never lets go,” Patrick says. Throughout the sales process, you have to gain trust and make sure your customer is heard. “It’s not about throwing your product at the wall and seeing what sticks,” according to Patrick. “Knowing your market and mastering your customers pains is critical.”
  • Lastly, Andrea Finn is impressed by personalized content. In praising Alanna Noll from Indeed.com, Andrea was impressed by the keen insight Alanna can provide from not only the analytics she received from Alanna, but the personal focus of those analytics as well. “With her relationship building skills and use of effective, performing content, she is able to achieve and exceed her quota, quarter after quarter,” Andrea says.

From all the smarter selling insights, one piece of advice became clear – a personal touch matters. Every shoutout to a good Seller who’s best engaged in smarter selling included a personal story or something notable they did to make the customer feel heard and important. As Louis Gideon, Head of Sales Development at Detective put it, it’s all about “being different and human.” With Seismic’s product now full of a true personalization experience, being human and attending to your customer’s specific needs will be easier than ever.

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