Interactive Content: Capabilities that transform buyer experiences

Throughout my time at Seismic we have focused our product development efforts on building a robust end-to-end sales enablement platform that touches every aspect of the content journey from campaign orchestration and activation, to seller discovery, buyer engagement, and ultimately content measurement and optimization. Today’s launch of Seismic Interactive Content, as part of the Seismic Summer 2020 Release, allows marketers and sellers to use two new content types to deliver high-impact, personalized sales content that increases customer engagement. 

What we are seeing from our customers

As the world has shifted to fully digital selling over the last few months, we have been using engagement analytics to better understand how our customers are using our platform to activate sales content. It’s evident that our customers are sending more content to buyers—we have seen a close to 90% increase in content shared on the Seismic Platform. Additionally, when we look at our customers’ sales content libraries, we find that they contain predominantly static content that can only be consumed in a linear manner. This is a sharp contrast to interactive or visual content that is often promoted through top of funnel channels such as websites, social media, and videos. A whopping 70% of our customers’ sales content libraries were made up of static content types. As buyers progress down the funnel from Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Accepted Opportunities, the content they receive is less likely to stand out, engage buyers, or match the brand experience they received earlier in their journey.  

Today’s buyers expect brands to deliver personalized content experiences at every touchpoint of their journey with your brand, from awareness all the way through to purchase. 

Reimagining sales content

Content is meant to be consumed, not scrolled through. To meet buyers’ needs we’re introducing two new features that reimagine sales content as differentiated, engaging, and buyer-driven experiences. Say hello to Seismic’s Interactive Content bundle, a new offering which unlocks two new content types in the Seismic platform: Seismic microapps, powered by Tiled, and LiveContent. Whether you are looking for evergreen sales content to be shared with many buyers or a customized piece of content for a single buyer, we’ve got the solution to transform your static sales content into engaging and memorable interactive buyer experiences.

Interactive sales content that supports every stage of the buyer journey

Seismic microapps, powered by Tiled: Experiential sales content that drives engagement

Seismic has partnered with Tiled, an innovator in immersive content experiences to deliver native microapp functionality directly within the Seismic platform. What is a microapp? Think of it as a new content type that combines the interactivity of a mini-website or an app with the ease of delivery of a document. Microapps meet the needs of use cases for evergreen content that supports sales in their top of funnel, one-to-many buyer engagements. Our customers leverage microapps for event invites, digital product brochures, buyer’s guides, eBooks, and more. 

A flexible, interactive microapp builder right within Seismic’s Content Manager, makes it seamless for content creators to use their familiar workflows. Key features include:

  • Easily drag n’ drop interactive “tiles” to imported content transforming it into scrollable image galleries and panes, in-line videos, quizzes, and more
  • No code required—makes it easy for content creators to adopt interactive content types within their existing content strategy 
  • Adaptive screen sizing for various devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) ensures an optimized end user experience 
  • Builder that is compatible with most static content types including: PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs, and more
  • Review and approve your content experience before publishing to end users via Seismic’s powerful content targeting capabilities

LiveContent: Personalized sales content that drives revenue

As buyers progress down the funnel, seller engagements shift from one-to-many to more personalized, one-to-one conversations. LiveContent empowers sellers to easily transform traditional presentations into personalized, memorable, dynamic stories that are tailored for one-to-one engagements.

Presentations are created using authoring tools, not engagement tools,  but sellers need to be able to deliver that same engaging conversation in a remote environment, whether in lieu of an in-person meeting or as a follow up to one. The typical methods of sending content require exporting to a static format. LiveContent allows sellers to send presentations in always-on presentation mode, the way that they are intended to be.

Key capabilities of LiveContent include:

  • Leverages the ubiquity of presentation tools, making it easy for sales and marketing teams to use familiar workflows
  • Seismic intelligently converts standard presentations into LiveContent, allowing all the embedded animations, transitions, videos, GIFs and voiceover to be delivered remotely, exactly how a seller would deliver in person: in presentation mode.
  • Seismic stores the original presentation file allowing content creators to make future updates based on powerful engagement analytics 
  • Personalize your content at scale with LiveDocs™ that pulls from any data source to tailor your content “on the fly” so presentations are not only interactive, but also very specific to the buyer’s needs
  • Page-by-page engagement analytics provide instant feedback about what is most important to your customers 

Transform buyer experiences

Both Seismic microapps and LiveContent allow sales and marketing teams to leverage existing static content and transform them into personalized, interactive content experiences. Every journey is unique for every buyer because they can choose their own path based on their own interests. Whether you want to build one-to-many or one-to-one buyer experiences, Seismic’s Interactive Content bundle gives you what you need. 

Learn more

To learn more about how Seismic Interactive Content works and request a demo, please visit our website.

Dave Myron
Dave Myron
SVP, Product Management
Dave is the senior vice president of product management at Seismic, where he leads the direction of Seismic’s enterprise-grade platform. With nearly 20 years’ experience in product management and marketing, Dave is a veteran of high technology product companies and held operational positions at Intel and Xilinx.