Summer 2020 Release: Introducing Seismic Interactive Content

Today, I’m excited to announce that as part of our Seismic Summer 2020 Release, we are unveiling Seismic Interactive Content, a powerful new capability that delivers immersive, engaging buyer experiences. Interactive content doesn’t touch any one area of our sales enablement platform but rather reimagines the most critical element, the fuel which powers our entire platform: content. Seismic’s vision is to empower businesses throughout the world to better engage with buyers and this release is a particularly significant milestone on the path to achieving that vision.

Let’s start with the state of the market

In many ways the current environment has forced companies to accelerate their shift to digital — paving the way for interactive sales content. Whether it is social media, television, online video, or email, we are living during a time when we are bombarded by a constant barrage of messages. Breaking through the content noise has never been easy, and for customers the current remote environment has made it more challenging than ever before. And to further complicate matters, today’s buyers are part of the “experience economy,” a concept which Pine and Gilmore introduced in their Harvard Business Review article, “Welcome to the Experience Economy.”

B2B buyers are increasingly demanding a B2C experience and moreover they expect the experience to be personalized and immersive. According to a Seismic-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting,  85% of buyers will dismiss the first interaction if they don’t receive tailored information. And 91% of customers prefer interactive/visual content delivered on demand.  An interactive, personalized experience is one of the most powerful ways to unlock the power of sales content.

The critical needs for businesses

Organizations are focusing on three primary areas as they embrace the “experience economy”:

Buyer engagement

The Seismic platform helps marketers through every step of the content lifecycle — creating the right content, curating it, and activating it for sellers who are then able to discover and deliver the most relevant content for every touchpoint in their buyer’s journey. However, the ultimate goal of effective sales content is to compel meaningful action from the buyer. This could be engaging with the content, accelerating them through the buyer journey, or taking the valuable action of becoming a customer.

Seismic Interactive Content is a powerful catalyst that acts as an accelerant at the final touchpoint of buyer engagement. Immersive content that stands out and allows the buyer to chart their own journey through their content experience increases the chances of buyer action.

Personalization at scale

The Seismic platform empowers marketers to create immersive, engaging content with the right message for buyers at various points in their customer journey. However, sellers have the direct relationships with buyers, accumulating situational knowledge about the buyer and their pain points and challenges. Giving sellers the ability to take sales content and quickly and easily tailor  personalized, interactive buyer experiences is a competitive differentiator. And Seismic empowers sellers to quickly and easily personalize content at scale for their buyers.

Buyer insights

Delivering experiential sales content to buyers allows them to “drive”, digging in deeper on those areas of interest to them and consuming content in a non-linear manner. Seismic’s powerful analytics about content consumption and engagement not only help optimize future content creation but also provide greater insight about the buyer and their interests. Sellers are prepared for follow-up conversations with a much better understanding of the buyer’s needs. This powerful data can also be used by marketers to continuously optimize their content.

Seismic Interactive Content fills the gap in the experience economy.

Meet Seismic Interactive Content

Seismic Interactive Content addresses the need for personalized, immersive sales content through:

Seismic microapps, powered by Tiled:  Experiential sales content that drives engagement

  • Immersive experiences: Create evergreen content that captures buyer’s attention
  • Drive engagement: Allow the buyer to interact with your content
  • Be memorable: Provide a story that resonates in a way buyers will remember 

LiveContent: Personalized sales content that drives revenue

  • Familiar application: No new tools to learn for marketers or sellers
  • Fast and scalable: Quickly turn presentations into interactive sales content
  • Content personalization: Close deals fast with content tailored to the buyer journey
Learn more

To find out more about Seismic Interactive Content capabilities announced today including Seismic microapps, powered by Tiled, and LiveContent please read our blog post, “Seismic Interactive Content: Capabilities that Transform Buyer Experiences.“ You can also dive deeper into the power of interactive content on