Summer 2021 Release: Capture every revenue moment with AI-guided selling

If you were to ask your sales team “what is the most time-consuming part of your job?” How would they respond? Maybe it’s research, finding the right content, or learning sales scripts and product details. Whatever the cause, one thing’s for sure: sellers are busy and their roles are becoming more complex.

This reality has been driven home over the course of the past year. Not only do sellers need to embrace new, digital-first avenues for prospecting, they also need to understand the needs of buyers and use that information to create highly relevant, personalized content. 

As sellers juggle increased workloads, they could use an assistant to make them more productive, giving them more time to build relationships with customers.

In our Summer 2021 Release, we announced new capabilities that will help sellers navigate complex sales cycles while being more effective and efficient.

Every seller needs a sidekick: Seismic Aura

Virtual assistants have become a part of our home and work lives. For years technologies like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana have helped users perform basic tasks like search queries, meeting scheduling, and follow-up reminders. Why not a virtual assistant purpose-built for sellers?

At Digital Shift, we announced Seismic’s next step in AI-guided selling with the introduction of our AI engine, Seismic Aura. Aura is powered by data generated from seller interactions with buyers. It analyzes data sets that are too large or complex for humans and identifies patterns, behaviors, and insights that can lead to new revenue opportunities. The result is a powerful combination of machine intelligence and human intelligence to optimize buyer engagement.

The most successful sellers spend time building trust and nurturing relationships with buyers. Too much time researching buyer behavior or searching for the right content means less time connecting with buyers.  

Sellers can better prioritize their time with smart content recommendations, available via a Google Chrome extension powered by Aura. 

This sidekick offers up intelligent, context-driven recommendations that are personalized for every opportunity based on insights from similar buyers. Sellers simply take action on the recommendation. Not only does Seismic Aura help sellers gain productivity, it also accelerates deal times. 

CRM SmartPlays

The simplest way to help sellers save time is to connect with them where they are. Any seller worth their salt spends a significant portion of their day in a CRM environment like Salesforce. 

Seismic integrates with Salesforce to make content libraries and much more available within the familiar confines of the CRM. CRM SmartPlays unleash the power of predictive intelligence to recommend the most effective sales plays at the right time. 

CRM SmartPlays removes the burden of identifying the best sales plays from sellers. It also reduces the amount of information that sellers have to navigate. CRM SmartPlays connect sellers with high-performing content and the context needed to optimally activate it. 

Human intelligence meets machine intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn’t just about making sellers more productive, which is important. It’s also about helping buyers solve their problems by connecting them with the right content.

“We’re excited to work with Seismic to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions into our sales content enablement processes. The digital-first buying experience we’re seeing right now means sales teams have to engage buyers with the best content possible, in the moments that matter. There’s never been a better time to realize the promise of AI to create a more productive sales force.”

Jake Tatel, Global Director, Sales Enablement & Productivity, Intel

Equipped with the right tools, sellers can succeed even in increasingly complex sales cycles. AI isn’t here to take sales jobs—it’s designed to lighten seller workloads and enable them to focus on building relationships and selling. Seismic Aura helps sellers navigate content discovery with context-driven insights that drive deals forward. CRM SmartPlays give sellers an additional boost where they work most often, Salesforce. 

If you’d like to learn more, visit our resource center on AI-guided selling

    Tony Smith
    Tony Smith
    Sr. Content Strategist
    Tony Smith is a Senior Content Strategist at Seismic where he creates blog and thought leadership content. He has 12 years of experience as a marketing and communications professional, and is passionate about using storytelling to help customers solve their business challenges.