You’re in the market for a new sales enablement solution after your last vendor broke your heart? We’re sorry to hear that, but we’re glad to help. After all, not all enablement solutions are built equally. 

Seismic is the #1 global sales enablement solution. And we’re #1 for a reason. But don’t just take our word for it. We’d rather let the numbers speak for themselves. Or, maybe you’d like to check out this transcript from a call that may or may not be real. We’ll let you decide. 

Jane Buyer: So, tell me again why you say you’re #1?

Seismic: We don’t just want to tell you we’re #1. Anyone can do that. Besides, it’s a bit forward, wouldn’t you say?

Jane Buyer: I agree. Everyone says they’re number one but, most of the time, it’s all talk. 

Seismic: I can only imagine. What if I told you we have more than 700 customers and a 96% retention rate?

Jane Buyer: You’ve got my attention. 

Seismic: Would you like to hear what they’ve got to say about us? 

Jane Buyer: Sure. 

Seismic: (Reading) “The level of detail and speed with which we are able to generate a presentation. All of our clients have given great feedback so far as well as the advisors who use it.”

This platform is user-friendly, and after a few sessions, our Sales team grasped the concept entirely. They could share and track emails to their Partners with a detailed breakdown of time spent with the materials, if the partner even “opened” it, and the partner’s location.”

Jane Buyer: They said all that?

Seismic: Their words, not ours.

Jane Buyer: So tell me…what makes you different from other sales enablement platforms?

Seismic: Our customers earn 32% more leads and reduce their time to close by 14 days. 

We really do care about our customers and making their sales organization more successful. We get it—selling is more challenging than ever. Sellers aren’t on the road, they’re at home. So they have to find creative ways to generate leads, win new business, and strengthen their relationships with existing customers. 

Jane Buyer: Let me guess, you found a way to solve that problem, too?

Seismic: I wouldn’t say that, but we’ve always got our customers in mind. And we work with them to understand what they need to make their teams successful. 

For instance, almost overnight, your field sellers are at home. How are they reaching new leads? Seismic LiveSocial ensures that your sales force is equipped with compliant, third-party content to build relationships with prospects and customers where they engage the most: social media. 

Or, maybe you need to understand which content does and doesn’t work. Our platform is equipped with content analytics tools that show which content is most impactful and how to optimize your efforts. 

And our artificial intelligence (AI) engine, Seismic Aura, gives sellers intelligent, insights-driven content recommendations. 

Jane Buyer: Hold on, what?

Seismic: That’s right, Seismic Aura gives sellers context-driven content recommendations that are personalized to the buyer. 

Jane Buyer: Where can I learn more about this Seismic?

Seismic: Our number’s below. Check us out!

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Tony Smith
Tony Smith
Sr. Content Strategist
Tony Smith is a Senior Content Strategist at Seismic where he creates blog and thought leadership content. He has 12 years of experience as a marketing and communications professional, and is passionate about using storytelling to help customers solve their business challenges.