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Dynamic Sales Materials

Dynamic Sales Materials Win More Deals

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis November 12, 2018

We are now in an age where buyers expect more and more. And because the buyer is always right, we have to play by their rules. It’s no longer acceptable to just hand off the same old plain, generic content that might’ve worked 10-15 years ago. SiriusDecisions reports that 82% of decision makers believe sellers…

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3 Tips to Keep Sales On-Brand

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis April 5, 2017

There are many roadblocks and hurdles that block the path for true Sales and Marketing alignment. Oftentimes it seems like the two departments are competing entities rather than members of the same team striving towards the same goals. Overcoming the obstacles that divide and cause disharmony requires a level of honest self-assessment. And, as with…

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3 Ways to Create Content That Sales Loves

Written by jfreeberg March 23, 2017

This piece is part of an ongoing series we call Seismic’s Expert Perspectives Unleashed. The series provides insights from Seismic’s Customer Success team. Every day they work with professionals to empower their Sales and Marketing efforts through better content creation, management, and analytics. Today’s post is from Jon Freeberg, Customer Success Manager. This might be…

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How to Stop Wasting Millions of Dollars on Marketing Content

Written by mcheung October 8, 2015

According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they were just a year ago. Despite this expanded focus, however, marketers are doing a very poor job of optimizing content creation. A recent study by SiriusDecisions reports that large enterprise firms waste roughly 13% of total content…

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