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10 Tips for Sales and Marketing Content Alignment

10 Tips for Sales and Marketing Content Alignment

Dan Burtan
Written by Dan Burtan May 24, 2019

When organizations think of sales and marketing alignment, they often focus on demand generation. As content continues to grow as a critical component in successful selling, organizations must now take steps to align around content as well. Because buyers are savvier and more educated, they expect salespeople to present them with content that is relevant…

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3 Ways to Prepare your Organization for Content Automation

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis September 18, 2018

A nightmare scenario for a seller goes something like this: they are engaged with a buyer who has a specific set of pain points and needs, the buyer then requests more information that will prove that the seller’s organizations is uniquely capable of solving their needs, however, when the seller goes to look for content…

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Content Personalization

The $30 Trillion Reason Your Content Needs To Be Personalized

Alessandra Fagone
Written by Alessandra Fagone March 19, 2018

As the largest generational wealth transfer takes place right now (to the tune of $30 trillion), a new wave of millennial investors are queued up to adjust, re-invest, and transition their money in the manner that suits them. If that’s not daunting enough, consider the fact that a recent study finds that only 8% of…

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5 Tips for a Kick@$$ Content Strategy in 2018

Shauna Leighton
Written by Shauna Leighton November 7, 2017

The industry’s shift to value-based care and the need to improve engagement with consumers have made traditional marketing methods, such as direct mail, print, and broadcast, no longer effective. The shift is underway to content marketing. To properly engage with buyers, you need to modify your marketing tactics with a digital strategy that aligns with…

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