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Seismic and Percolate: Delivering Content with Purpose

Doug Winter
Written by Doug Winter November 5, 2019

Delivering personalized, compelling content at every customer touchpoint has become essential. 85% of sales and marketers now agree that buyers will actively dismiss their marketing and sales efforts if they don’t receive tailored content. When also considering the fact that the buyer’s journey is more complex than ever before, the challenge before sellers and marketers…

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Is Your CRM Actually Worth Logging Into?

Jake Pieruccini
Written by Jake Pieruccini October 10, 2019

A CRM is a powerful tool and one that’s critical to the success of any business. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll reap all of the benefits it can provide right out of the box. To get the best results, you need to augment your existing CRM system to increase its overall effectiveness and maximize your return on investment. With so many tools on the market to choose from, you need to be careful to select ones that are going to drive the greatest value. As we’ve seen, enhancing your CRM with a sales enablement tool is a great way to do just that by making your sales reps lives easier so that they can focus their energy where it matters most.

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smarter selling

Lessons from the Smarter Selling Campaign – Keys to Being a Better Seller, From the Sellers themselves

Matt Lieberson
Written by Matt Lieberson September 11, 2018

With Seismic’s new, truly personalized platform, the Era of the Smarter Seller is here. Our product is chock full of capabilities focused on making the platform as individualized as possible, such as predictive search, personalized content recommendations, and increased data to best engage buyers. Industry leaders such as Nancy Nardin of Smarter Selling Tools, Steven…

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4 Major Challenges of Proposal and RFP Generation

Alyssa Drury
Written by Alyssa Drury November 10, 2016

Proposals are usually requested during the final stages of the sales process. All of the effort a salesperson has put into building awareness, rapport and trust with a buyer has paid off, and it has culminated with the opportunity to submit a written offer. Regardless of whether this offer is a simple proposal or an…

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