Digital Transformation: The GOAT for Healthcare Organizations

Did you know that a digital transformation for a healthcare organization is like the game of football?

Let me explain.

Football teams need proper strength and conditioning programs to improve agility and overall athletic ability for elite sport performance. Likewise, each position on a football team has a specific job, and they must work in sync to defend their opponent, gain yards, and score touchdowns to come out on top. Behind the scenes, their playbook is constantly being strategized, with plays being practiced over and over, while also throwing vital wrenches into the mix to keep the other teams guessing.

The same can be said for a digital transformation within healthcare.

The Digital Transformation Lineup

Think of the key players in your digital transformation pod as a football team. You have:

  • C-Suite/Decision Makers – the Coaches
  • Marketing – the Quarterback
  • Sales – the Offensive Line
  • IT – the Defensive Line
  • Product – the Center
  • Compliance – the Kicker
  • Customers – the Fans
  • Content and Data – the Football

While the coaches are leading the pack, and deciding what is best for their respective teams, they must collaborate with other members. Key decision makers might be at the top of the funnel, but they need to work with other departments, stakeholders, and even customers to evaluate and introduce innovative technology in an effective and efficient manner.

The defensive and offensive lines (Sales, IT, Product, and Compliance) also need to work together with the quarterback (Marketing) and follow suit with what the they think is best for a play, i.e. what content is best for specific situations. The football (content and its associated data) is passed back and forth, with the end goal of moving the ball down the field, throwing some field goals in the mix (from Compliance), and scoring touchdowns (signing deals). This inevitably creates loyal fans (customers) that continue to support and cheer for their team.

The ultimate “Super Bowl” win for a digital transformation in this case is enhanced engagement, more efficiency, and increased win rates, all while meeting regulatory requirements.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Embarking on a digital transformation within a healthcare organization can be daunting; Especially because it can come across as a mystical Unicorn—great in theory, but impossible to achieve. You may be asking questions such as:

  • What technology should you implement?
  • What technology do you already have in place and that you can expand upon?
  • How can you satisfy the needs of different departments without spending a fortune?
  • How can you keep all your systems connected for greater efficiency?
  • How can you remain compliant while still meeting your customers’ needs?
  • How can you better measure the success of your business activities?

However, imagine a healthcare company as its own Integrated Delivery Network—different sectors may have different responsibilities and objectives, yet at the end of the day they align to work toward the same common goal. A digital transformation strategy should be just as aligned with a cross-functional, collaborative approach.

A team approach to a digital transformation will not only bring Sales, Marketing and the C-Suite to the same table, but will require input from the entire organization, especially from IT, Product and Compliance. What’s important to one department will differ from another, therefore, it’s best to make sure all pertinent parties are fairly represented.

The Plays Needed for Game Time Success

To better harness a digital transformation within the healthcare industry, organizations need to utilize the 5 Plays for Game Time Success.

Although a football team may not always be in perfect unison—there may be picks and fumbles along the way—those that make it to the Super Bowl have proven their ability time and time again throughout the season because of their collective effort. This is ultimately what life sciences organizations are striving for with their digital transformation goals. Still, this isn’t something you want to throw a “Hail Mary” for and hope for the best. Continue to align Sales, Marketing, and the entire organization byway of digital transformation and there will be a Lombardi Trophy for everyone involved in due time.