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The Importance of Video in the B2B Sales Process

A recently published infographic from IDG Research Services sheds some fantastic light on just how far video has come in the B2B tech buying process. There are a few key statistics that I find particularly important:

– 95% of B2B tech buyers watch tech-related videos

– 78% forward, share or post tech-related videos

– 42% purchased a product after viewing a video

There are three big takeaways from this data:

1. You Need Video Assets. It’s not enough to just have a welcome video on your homepage anymore. Prospective customers want to watch their way through the buying process. That means “How To” videos that can help your prospects solve problems at the top of the funnel and demo videos for your own product near the bottom. You don’t have to create all of these materials yourself– you just need to make sure you are putting the right information in front of your customers.

2. Facilitate Sharing.  The key here is to get people to share not just the link to the video itself, which might be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, but rather to get them to share the page on your site. Make this process easier by incorporating social sharing icons on the page where you have the video so that you capture the full attention of the prospective lead.

3. Get Video Into The Hands Of Your Salespeople. If 42% of tech buyers make a purchase after viewing a video, it’s critical that the front line sales reps are able to facilitate that process.  A sales conversation that ends without a video being shared in the follow up is a missed opportunity.  If the salesperson is able to share the video content in-person, via their tablet device, that could be the clinching moment and lead to a closing conversation without the need for a return visit.