A LinkedIn Studio video from Seismic’s Head of Enablement

At Seismic, we live and breathe our own core value proposition: to unite marketing and sales teams in delivering the most compelling stories throughout your buyers’ journeys. When leading our internal Enablement efforts, this buyer-centric approach flows through all of our Enablement efforts to ensure we are putting the buyer first, always. And by that we mean our internal “buyers” as well as Seismic’s customers.

Our goal as the Enablement team at Seismic is not just to enable our entire go-to-market function to really understand the needs of our customers and their key considerations. We also give them the tools needed to be able to frame up Seismic’s value proposition in a way that resonates with our buyers.  

In the above video, from a recent visit with LinkedIn Studio, I explain how this buyer-centric sales approach helps sellers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, which is especially relevant during the current time where virtual selling has replaced all human face-to-face interaction.  

Irina Soriano
Irina Soriano
Head of Enablement
For 12+ years, I built global Enablement functions for professional service companies and Saas start-ups while being based in EMEA, APAC, and the US. As a leader, I have consistently pioneered new enablement, learning and operational initiatives worldwide, built positive employment cultures, and coached top performers. I have been equally successful in revitalizing struggling teams and building new enablement and learning functions from the ground up. I am currently serving as Head of Enablement at Seismic, the industry’s leading sales enablement solution and storytelling platform, and moved into this role after Seismic's acquisition of Percolate. At Percolate, I built and led the global Enablement and training team supporting the company’s GTM function. To contribute to the Enablement community, I am leading the NYC chapter for Women In Sales Enablement (WiSE), contribute regular blog content to our Seismic Enablement blog as well as my personal website, and regularly take part in webinars and keynotes.