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The Seismic & Gong Integration is now LIVE!

Seismic is the industry leading marketing and sales enablement solution empowering go-to-market teams to deliver more engaging buyer experiences that drive growth. Through our latest integration with Gong, sales calls can be matched with contextual Workspace folders for opportunities or accounts.  Through our integration, calls and storytelling materials can be found in one place, associated with CRM, and easily accessible directly within Seismic.

Seismic has partnered with Gong to help your sellers have the most up to date and relevant data and content in their CRM to keep the conversations both aligned and on track throughout the entire sales journey. Having the ability to access previously recorded prospect and opportunity sales calls help create a more tailored conversation, ultimately establishing more confidence in your buyer and increasing chances of winning the deal. 

We invite you to take two minutes to check out the Gong integration within Seismic so you can further explore how your sales teams can leverage this new solution:

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