The State of Sales Enablement in the Healthcare Industry

Why sales enablement matters for healthcare professionals

The healthcare industry is experiencing rapid growth and noticeable changes. According to Deloitte, the global healthcare spend will hit $8.7 trillion by 2020. Within the medical device industry alone, KPMG predicts annual global sales to reach about $800 billion by 2030.

Curious what sales and marketing trends are most prominent in the healthcare industry? Wonder no more – Seismic surveyed over 250 healthcare professionals in marketing, sales, and customer success to understand how they view sales and marketing enablement and alignment. Respondents were at all levels ranging from managers to executive leadership. The trends from the survey reveal successes and challenges that exist for the industry. So, what did we find out?

Sales enablement is a familiar topic, but challenges still exist.

state of sales enablement

Through the survey it became clear that sales enablement isn’t a new topic to the healthcare industry. In fact, all survey respondents said they were at least somewhat familiar with sales enablement. 100% of respondents also believe that marketing content should be tied to a company’s revenue. So, what’s the challenge?

While respondents understand the importance of tying marketing content to revenue, only 23% said that marketing content is tracked for success in driving sales at their organization and 14% don’t know when they will implement a sales enablement platform.

Another trend? Value-based care continues to be important to the healthcare industry and sales and marketing teams specifically. 97% of respondents believe that value-based care efforts can be  supported with alignment between marketing and sales. This trend rings true in the larger industry as well with many organizations utilizing a value-based approach. According to HealthAffairs, in 2019 “not only will the push for value-based care continue, it will accelerate.”

For more insights from the survey and to better understand how the healthcare industry views sales and marketing enablement and alignment, download the executive summary here.

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