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As an insurance CIO, it likely isn’t a top priority for you to maintain a “cool” factor, but aren’t you curious as to how you could become an in-the-know professional?

Novarica recently conducted a report, asking insurance CIOs and senior executives what has been the “coolest” thing they’ve done over the past 12 months. About 39 percent said introducing new technology, while 31 percent noted better execution in areas such as legacy conversion. Nearly 30 percent said improving business practices and IT alignment.

“Insurer CIOs have a lot to be proud of in 2013,” Novarica researchers wrote in the report. “Many initiatives reflected new directions for carriers, pushing them into areas with which they had little or no experience. These projects reflect the rapid pace of change in both insurance IT and in IT in general.”

Going mobile
As the business world continues to become more reliant on new technology, mobile devices and applications are growing in popularity. In the Novarica report, nearly 20 percent of respondents said that they had introduced new mobile applications to their companies.

“We introduced a concept called Personalized Service for mobile device users,” one respondent told Novarica. “With this service we contact the end users and ask them what we can do to make their mobile experience more effective. We explain how to do things – what apps are available. Problem solved. The end users really appreciate it.”

Even if you aren’t into the idea of developing an application yourself, there are still multiple ways you can integrate mobile into your company. As you face challenges in the early stages, don’t feel like you’re alone!

CIO Insight reported that 92 percent of professionals dealing with IT have trouble introducing mobile devices to their businesses. Some of the most notable issues that individuals have faced include securing data, network access and network performance. As you look to make mobile a part of your company, take the time to create a strategy ahead of time. Then, define access policies and establish a support system for employees when they have questions.

Over time, keep an eye on the progress of your mobile strategy. Make improvements where necessary, and you’ll be the coolest CIO on the block.


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