Three Major Struggles of the Modern Marketer

As part of the Seismic team who attended the SiriusDecisions Summit in Nashville a couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to attend many  case study sessions that ultimately helped to enhance our marketing practices at Seismic. Looking back on the event now, one session that stood out in my mind was presented by Eric Hansen, Director of Demand Generation at Cetera Financial Group. He touched on common marketing struggles in today’s buyer-focused world. I agreed with Eric’s sentiments as I also try to always integrate the latest and greatest marketing strategies, technologies, and solutions into our organization.

The three marketing struggles every modern marketer faces are:

1. How do we ensure we’re targeting the right audiences?

It’s a primary objective of all marketers to always target the right audiences so as to generate quality leads for the sales team and increase brand awareness within the right buyer personas. A strategy to make sure your marketing initiatives are being steered in the right direction is having regular meetings with sales to ask what new job titles they’re running into in their prospecting efforts, and which specific job titles are the ultimate decision-makers. This ensures that your marketing and sales efforts are aligned and sales is receiving relevant support from marketing.

2. How do we know what’s working and what’s not working?

There are the traditional ways of measuring the impact of your marketing efforts: open rates, click-through rates, online form submissions, etc. But, today’s marketers need to have an even more in-depth picture of marketing’s contribution and performance. Understanding which marketing content sales uses in sales interactions and which content performs well with prospects and customers is essential. Having this visibility into overall content performance allows modern marketers to shift their efforts and allocate their time to creating more content that really works.

3. How do we improve our ROI?

It’s more important now than ever before for marketing teams to prove the return on investment of their initiatives. Tracking the journey of marketing qualified leads all the way from marketing automation touches to face-to-face meetings with sales reps is imperative to understanding the ROI of lead generation and nurturing. To properly communicate marketing ROI, marketers must have an all-inclusive view of the buyer’s journey from “cold to close.” There are three tools that work together to provide this vision: marketing automation, CRM, and sales enablement.

So, what does it mean to be a modern marketer? It all starts with keeping these frequent challenges in mind and incorporating the right technologies to continually improve and ultimately scale the efforts of your marketing and sales organizations.

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