Transforming sales teams in financial services (part-1)

It’s no secret that the financial services industry has undergone a massive digital transformation in recent years, with the recent pandemic further accelerating this shift to include an all-digital work environment.

This transformation has put content at the center of the client conversation. It has elevated the importance of quality content and highlighted the impact of good content experiences versus bad. 

The industry has always been known for its reliance on face-to-face meetings and networking events, which only amplifies the impact of the sudden shift to digital. Needless to say business continuity plans have been put to the test.

What this has really affected more than anything is the client experience. An experience that was already becoming more and more like the experiences provided in the B2C world. Firms that were able and continue to deliver a positive experience are the ones maintaining their footing through this disruption. They have been able to stabilize while adapting to a quickly changing business environment. 

What is a good client experience? What is a bad experience?

So, it’s clear that every financial service business needs to be laser-focused on the client experience and the content that drives it. What’s not so clear is how to create a good client experience. 

In these blog posts, we want to show you, not just tell you the difference between good and bad experiences. We’ll show how our financial services clients build better experiences. 

Let’s start by looking at common content problems. In a recent webinar with The SME forum, Kevin Stoddard of Stoddard Financial, Hazem Gamal of The SME Forum, and Seismic’s own, and former AMG CMO, Bill Finnegan discussed how financial organizations are Building Trust with Clients in a Digital World.

Asset managers have to get info to their advisor teams in a more thoughtful and faster manner because decisions have to be made much more quickly when data is changing so rapidly. – Kevin Stoddard, President, Stoddard Financial

If you’re an institutional asset manager, Kevin is one of your clients. And there’s no better voice to hear than the voice of your client. This is a clip from the webinar, and I encourage you to listen to the entire webinar. 

In this clip, Kevin touches on three important content themes:

  • Personalization
  • Timeless
  • Accuracy

The good news is that technology can solve for a lot of these challenges. That’s one reason firms are investing in their tech stack. 

Some of the largest Financial Institutions are spending more than 10% of their yearly revenue on technology.

In our next blog post, learn more about firms that are using technology to deliver best-in-class client experiences.