Weekly CIO Digest: Be The Best Insurance CIO You Can Be

If you think that your role as an insurance CIO has had a minimal impact on your company, set your sights on the future.

Cloud Tech recently reported on the importance of the CIO, as well as how this position will continue to grow in prominence as time goes on. This is because the CIO holds critical information that can help reach out to potential customers, as well as retain current clients.

Insurance CIOs also now have technology such as cloud computing at their disposal. This means that they can focus on other key initiatives – specifically innovation – to benefit their companies as a whole.

Whether you play a large or small role as the insurance CIO of your business, you should always try to be the best CIO you can be. Here are some tips for exceeding expectations and giving your company an edge.

Allocate some of your budget toward innovation
It’s easy to designate a large portion of your budget toward the maintenance of existing technology. However, putting some of your money into the development of innovative tech can quickly boost the competitiveness of your business. Don’t let your competitors be the first to take advantage of new devices.

Keep your ears open
Listening to your clients, coworkers and other people in your network can make you the best CIO you can be. Not every nugget of information you receive will be gold, but the more you listen, the larger your chances are of finding helpful insight. Consider multiple solutions for one problem Decision-making is a task that consumes most CIOs’ time, whether they’re gathering data or organizing technology. However, this process can be simplified by leaving the door open for multiple answers to a single problem.

In short, mulling over a handful of options for an issue rather than trying to narrow down one can lead to a more efficient solution, according to Chip and Dan Heath, the authors of “Decisive: How To Make Better Decisions In Life and Work.”

Create a game plan
How do you intend to solve both your short-term and long-term goals? This is a question you should ask yourself daily as a CIO. Creating a game plan and reviewing it regularly can increase the odds of achieving your objectives – you’ll always have your strategy at the forefront of your mind.

No one says you have to go the extra mile as the CIO of your company, but doing so can help you stand out from the pack.

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