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The year is drawing to an end, leaving only the crazy/stressful/fun chaos of the holiday season (and the end of the quarter) ahead. It is so easy to get caught up in the commotion of the year-end, especially if you’re in a sales-oriented role trying to close out the year strong.  In order to combat the holiday craziness, some of us from Seismic took a few minutes to reflect and share what they’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving and holiday season.


When it all comes down to it, INK. I’m most thankful for our relentless sales reps who bring new customers into the Seismic family.Ed Calnan, Cofounder and President


I’m thankful for our team’s camaraderie. Without the extremely close relationships that have snowballed into the growth of our crazy sales team, we would not be nearly as successful.Danny Gunn, Client Development Representative


I’m thankful for being able to host Thanksgiving at my house this year, for the first time!Kaitlyn Merola, Senior Manager, Marketing Distribution Strategy


I’m thankful for amazing customers who are excited to use Seismic and talk about Seismic with enthusiasm.Zack McAuley, Customer Marketing and Sales Enablement Manager



I am thankful for the opportunity to work with a truly amazing team every day that supports one another and cares deeply for our clients.Jon Freeberg, Solution Consultant, Customer Success


I am thankful for landing at a great company, with a great group of people after a year of ‘career transition’. The welcoming atmosphere, support, and collaboration are amazing!” –Jeff Troeber, Technical Writer


“I’m thankful for being given the opportunity to work with such great people for such a great company.” Michael Cheung, Marketing Co-op


I’m thankful for our furry friends at the Boston office.Jessica Simpson, Senior Client Development Representative

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I’m most thankful for our awesome beanbag chairs that are more comfortable than my own bed.” –Kevin Donovan, Client Development Representative


I am thankful for guys like Pete Heitz and Chris Chandler who have moved all over the country for the good of the company.” –Myles White, Director of Partner Enablement


I’m thankful for Chris Chandler’s hair.” –Tucker Cohen, Director of Client Development


I’m thankful for stress balls and the Boston office’s unique use case for them (wailing them across the office at each other), which keeps us all on our toes at all times. I’m also thankful for Jeff’s bad aim.” –Julie Hudecek, Client Development Representative
I’m thankful to work among friends and colleagues that truly care for one another on and off the ‘field.‘” –Teerth Patel, Senior Director, Enterprise Sales




I’m thankful for Ed’s weekly Friday Night Lights emails, which somehow make you look forward to the following Monday on a Friday night.” –Alyssa Drury, Content Marketing Manager


I’m thankful for a kickass, hardworking inside sales team!” –Adam Leventhal, Senior Director, Enterprise Sales


I am thankful for the competitive, locker-room environment that I work in every day. Being a former athlete, it is a unique energy that is hard to capture- something I haven’t truly felt in quite some time. It drives you to try to be your best daily which only produces results.” –Colin Devine, Client Development Representative


Two things: I am thankful for buyers who understand that getting value from a prospective vendor does not mean negotiating to save every nickel, because they realize that balanced negotiations benefit all parties in the long run. I am also thankful for our Product Development team that maintains an unwavering commitment to improvement and innovation, and a Customer Success team that is obsessed with ensuring that Seismic customers have a positive experience through all stages of onboarding and beyond.” –Rob Fardin, VP, Enterprise Sales


We at Seismic hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday and finish out 2015 strong!
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