What Makes New Technology Appealing to Financial Advisors?

Technology is constantly changing the way that we do business, even in terms of financial services. Engineers are continuously working to improve the devices that wealth advisors use, and the possibilities are endless.

But what do people value in new technology?

Steve Silberstein recently wrote a piece in Wall Street and Tech that highlighted the factors that make up-and-coming technology top-notch in the eyes of its users. Smooth, easy-to-use interfaces are embraced by financial advisors utilizing new devices. Systems that manage information quickly and intelligently are also ideal. Here are some additional features that can take a mediocre piece of technology to the top.

1. Security
Security is a top priority for wealth advisors who are constantly working with sensitive client information. Technology that offers a flawless way to house data and keep it out of the hands of the wrong people is valued among individuals who work in finance.

2. Custom features
Custom features can instantly boost a new piece of technology in the eyes of financial advisors. For instance, content management platforms that can be customized with company logos and colors can enhance presentations. In turn, wealth advisors can create the professional look and feel they desire to exhibit to their clients.

3. Seamless updates
People who utilize new technology want to know that it’s constantly being monitored for unexpected bugs, as well as necessary upgrades. Devices that have a strong support system behind them can give users the confidence they need to integrate the technology into their daily routines.

Other features that Silberstein mentions in his piece are overall user experience and powerful applications that give users the information they need at their fingertips. As technology continues to evolve, so do expectations. Sit back and watch the industry’s best developers try to satisfy growing demands.