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What Makes Seismic Microsoft’s US Financial Services Partner of the Year?

Seismic is honored to be named a Microsoft US Partner of the Year, for the second year in a row. In 2018, Microsoft recognized LiveInsights, our analytics capabilities. And this year, Seismic was named Microsoft’s US Partner of the Year in Financial Services. Seismic has been in lockstep with Microsoft to bring increased value to financial service firms trying to more effectively deliver content for better and more personalized client interactions. So what’s been our secret, and what makes Seismic and Microsoft such great partners?

The story, as it so often does, begins with content. The ability to create personalized content in financial services is becoming more imperative by the day. A recent Financial Brand survey found that 95% of financial marketers believe consumers expect more personalized experiences in banking than they currently get. Yet time and money spent on asset personalization and management continues to rise – SiriusDecisions claims that poor findability and usability of content costs enterprise organizations $2.3 million on average annually. Further, financial service firms have heightened compliance needs, yet there is a real lack of compliance features built into the content creation process that make things difficult for firms trying to ensure they are following all the right rules. And after all this effort to be creating and distributing all this content, marketers truly have very little insight into the content’s performance, meaning it is impossible to make improvements.

Seismic and Microsoft are empowering organizations across the spectrum of financial services institutions to address these problems head on and build a technology-enablement foundation to optimize the client experience for years to come. When a client-facing team needs to create a compliant, customized asset in no time, they can do it with Seismic’s LiveDocs – integrated deeply with the Microsoft Office Suite. When someone needs to send a prospect the exact right asset at the right time, they can access it directly from Outlook, based on Dynamics data that Seismic uses to determine the perfect piece of content. And, as mentioned before, teams can determine what content truly works using LiveInsights.

The true beneficiaries here have been our customers. Ali McCarthy, National Marketing Director at Brinker Capital, said that Brinker’s content creators can easily determine what content works and what doesn’t, meaning employees “spend less time searching for and updating content, and more time managing relationships.” Guggenheim Investments has found that their processes are “exponentially more streamlined and powerful” now that Seismic is helping make their content and distribution process sixteen times faster than before. And Sulluvan Bruyette Speros and Blayney are able to personalize content at scale, a “dynamic, modern approach to client content creation” that has led to happier clients. The kicker? All three of those firms have recently won Gramercy Awards for their work with Seismic.

Developing such a strong relationship with Microsoft has been a boon for Seismic as well as our customers. As Microsoft sees the market opportunity expand for its entire cloud experience, it is worth noting that Seismic has strong integrations across the entire Microsoft Cloud system. Seismic is one of Microsoft’s few SaaS partners that integrates and partners with Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Azure. We love partnering with a company that shares our devotion towards creating the best business tools available, to help customers be more productive and effective at their jobs, especially as Microsoft watched their cloud market grow. Between our integrations, recent participation in major Microsoft events and co-development efforts, and core product capabilities that rely on Microsoft, there are few areas of the customer experience that aren’t directly impacted by our partnership with Microsoft. Seismic plans to keep deepening the relationship with Microsoft and continue to find ways to provide all customers with the best set of sales enablement tools available on the market today.