Why Custom Presentations Give Marketers Headaches

CMI published a fantastic blog post today detailing the content creation process that Patti Ernst, the Channel Marketing Director at financial management company Invesco, leads with her marketing team.  Working in the highly regulated asset management industry, Ernst sits at the intersection of sales, marketing and compliance.  Her single biggest challenge is creating content in a timely manner.

Here’s what the process looks like (and this should be familiar to many of her peers across the industry):

1. Sales has a meeting with a client and wants dynamic sales presentations needs collateral specific to that client, including updated fund performance and the appropriate terminology.

2. Marketing modifies materials that were approved by compliance, but must send them back to compliance to review again because they were modified.

3. The compliance department adds the appropriate disclosures for that fund.  Ernst allows 3 days for this process to take place.


Ernst needs sufficient visibility into when materials are due so that she can figure out how much (or little) time her team will have to modify the content or create new content.  The problem is that sales wants materials yesterday and doesn’t understand that the process takes time.

But is there a way to give Channel Marketing Directors like Ernst more time to create content while also reducing the total time it takes to deliver the materials to the sales team?  Is there a technology that can make her team even more efficient?

If so, it would need a way to tie compliance into the content creation process—linking disclosures to the right materials.  It would also need to be a way to make her team work faster—getting the right terminology into the right collateral without the back-and-forth with compliance that adds days to the process.

We built a technology solution that is a prescription-strength headache reducer for marketers, especially those in heavily regulated industries.  Our success is measured in how much time we can give back to people like Patti Ernst so that she can help her company service her clients and grow AUM.  Sales wants twice as many custom presentations? No problem.

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