Why Financial Services Firms Should Attend Seismic Shift

On October 2 hundreds of Seismic customers will converge on downtown San Diego for Seismic Shift, the annual three-day conference for platform best practices, new product announcements, and networking. But you already knew that, and you want to go, but first, you have to sell the dream.

We get it, which is why the following information will help you punch that ticket to sunny Southern California in one month’s time.

Why does Seismic Shift exist?

  • Because Seismic customers are using the platform to solve a host of different content problems
  • Because with a host of different ways to use Seismic, new best practices are developed and optimized every day
  • Because success with sales enablement is not just about a technology, it’s about aligning to your internal customer
  • Because you’re only as powerful as the content you keep, quality is king, and understanding usage will get you far

How can financial services professionals benefit from Seismic Shift?

  • Understand how best-in-class firms are helping drive revenue through sales enablement initiatives
  • Get a sneak peek into the exciting new features on the product roadmap
  • Network with professionals leading the way in sales and marketing alignment across a number of industries
  • Gain insight into the full capabilities of Seismic
  • Receive hands-on training during in-depth product sessions
  • Learn how to better utilize content data and analytics to make more intelligent decisions regarding your sales enablement processes

Who is presenting?

Day 1 Keynote Address

Mary Shea, Forrester Research

Mary will focus on the fundamentals of Sales Enablement and how its adoption can help organizations achieve higher levels of growth.

Day 2 Keynote Address

Phyllis Davidson, SiriusDecisions

Phyllis will focus on the fundamentals of Marketing Enablement and how its adoption can help organizations increase operational efficiency and strengthen cross-functional communication.

A Seismic Standard in Financial Services

Amimul Hasan and Susan McDowell, Vanguard International


Vanguard was looking to place a larger emphasis on supporting their end users. They used Seismic as the hub of their new CMS approach, breaking down communication barriers between sales and marketing and got much needed support for their end users.

Quick Wins: Financial Services Customer Success Stories

Ali Vance, Denver Investments


Whether you’re manually creating pitch decks or contracts, providing sales with the most up-to-date content is time consuming and does not scale. Learn how Denver Investments tackled this challenge by adopting new processes and technology to:

Eliminate highly manual content update processes.

Guarantee that sales is only using on-brand and on-message materials.

Reduce the turnaround time on sales collateral requests by 75 percent, reducing FTE needs by 60 percent.

Aimee Foster, Franklin Templeton


Franklin Templeton focused on creating a sound data architecture, leveraging Seismic as a content repository for their static presentations, which acted as a foundation to scale sales enablement moving forward.

As they progress in scaling and accelerating their efforts, Aimee will speak to the selection and implementation of Seismic through these two lenses:

  1. Identifying how Franklin Templeton realized that there was a need for a solution
  2. Addressing the process and strategy that occurred for outlining the data architecture, assembling the team, getting alignment and setting the path forward for success

Additional presentations from individuals at Brandes Investment Partners, Allianz, Federated Investors, and others are on the agenda, not to mention a dozen more from professionals utilizing Seismic in industries like life sciences and technology.

Seismic Shift 2017 is positioned to be the most rewarding one yet for customers. Register now, and we’ll see you there!

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