62 Women We Admire in Sales and Marketing

Has anyone ever asked you what three words best describe you?

At Seismic, three words that capture us pretty well are innovator, enabler and leader.

We know the weight of those words and the expectation that comes with using them, so when we see those qualities in others, we like to tip our hats and salute those joining us in the relentless pursuit to be better.

That’s why this Women’s History Month, we’re recognizing the women we admire for innovating, enabling and leading the business world toward a better tomorrow.

Alexandria McCarthy – National Marketing Director, Brinker Capital

As if heading her company’s marketing and communication efforts wasn’t enough, after four years at Brinker, McCarthy launched The Center for Outcomes, an educational forum to help advisors grow their business. She continues to strive for personal development, too, as she pursues a doctoral degree.

Amanda Halabi – Senior Manager, Organizational Change Strategy, Cognizant

Halabi recently received the Future Leader Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. After Halabi graduated from her master’s program, one of the three criteria for choosing her profession was that it would allow her to alter the course of people’s lives. Years later, Halabi has done just that. Her story reminds us that if you set your mind to something, it can happen.

Ani Yessaillian – Principal and Founder, Excella

As the leader of Excella Marketing, Yessaillian makes top-notch sales and marketing leadership accessible and cost-efficient for global financial institutions. With three decades of experience in financial services, we admire Yessaillian’s entrepreneurialism and dedication to client experience.  

Ashley Hartley – Senior Director of Knowledge Services, Protiviti

Hartley recently received the Leadership Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. Hartley strives to create a successful workplace that allows consultants to deliver the best work possible to clients. She explains, “I believe our culture is created by the way we communicate and collaborate internally.”

Barbara Giamanco – Founder and CEO, Social Centered Selling

After cutting her teeth at tech powerhouses Ingram Micro and Microsoft, where she was a sales leader, Giamanco founded her own company to share her unique perspective on using social media for prospecting and demand/lead generation. She shares her insights and those of other successful women on her podcast, “Conversations With Women In Sales.”

Bea Perez – Chief Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability and Marketing Assets Officer, Coca-Cola

As Coca-Cola’s first chief sustainability officer, Perez has embraced three lofty goals set to be met by 2020: No. 1, make Coca-Cola completely water-neutral by replenishing 100% of water used in beverages. No. 2, empower 5 million women with training, lending and mentorship. And No. 3, promote well-being in consumers through activity programs and information. It takes a lot of guts to own those challenges; we admire Perez for her fearlessness as she faces them.

Becky Brown – Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications, Intel

Brown has been a trailblazer for the use of social media in Intel’s marketing strategy. She helped Intel become the first company to publish on Facebook’s Instant Articles and has empowered every employee to be part of the company’s social presence, making social media part of Intel’s DNA.

Cathie Staley – Director of Sales Enablement, Cohesity

Staley helped Cohesity tune its sales program as the company soared to unicorn status last summer.

Cathy Rowell – Vice President of Enablement at Nectar Services Corp.

While some are new to the sales enablement arena, Cathy Rowell has been immersed in it for more than a decade. She joined Nectar after spearheading sales enablement efforts for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and continues to be a mentor for those just discovering the discipline. (You can get some free advice from her on how to implement sales enablement here.)

Christina Hollingsworth – Sr. Director of Sales and Partner Enablement, GE Digital

It’s not easy to be a supermom AND kick butt in the tech world, but Hollingsworth makes it look that way. When she’s not helping GE Digital’s sellers be their best, she’s helping her teenage daughter start a business that promotes both the inclusion of girls in STEM fields and solving food inequality.

Cindy Gentry – Senior Partner and Client Manager, Mercer

Gentry recently received the Excellence in Client Service Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. Recruited directly out of grad school, Gentry hit the ground running. “You lead up in front clearing a path for those of us to follow,” she says. “You lead by our sides locking arms with us to collectively change the world around us; and you lead from behind pushing us, stretching and growing us beyond our imaginations.” 

Courtney Chiavara Perrone – Sr. Manager of Sales Enablement, Welch Allyn

Living by the adage that “it takes a village,” when it comes to success with sales enablement and associated technologies, Chiavara Perrone works cross-functionally to bring new ideas to the table and to execute programs and strategies for Welch Allyn.

Dara Treseder – Chief Marketing Officer, Carbon

Before paving the way as the first CMO at 3-D manufacturer Carbon, Treseder built an impressive resume leading marketing teams at GE and founding her own marketing consultancy, NeuBridges. Last year she was named one of 50 CMOs in tech who is redefining the role and shaping the future.

Deb Calvert – Founder, The Sales Expert Channel

Not only a Top 50 Sales Influencer, Calvert is also the author of multiple sales books, including Stop Selling and Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen. She founded the Sales Expert Channel to connect sales leaders like her and form a community around shared insights.

Debbie Simpson – Chief Financial Officer, Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group

Simpson recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. Simpson has played a pivotal role in the firm’s growth (tripling its size!) over her two decades working at BCG.

Diana Buxton – Chief Marketing Officer of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Cognizant

Buxton was named a 2018 B2B Game Changer, and it’s easy to see why: At Cognizant she has helped the banking and financial services division increase C-level engagement with top-tier accounts, earning a Marketing Excellence Award from ITSMA. She is also the executive sponsor for Cognizant’s Women’s Bond Club of New York and its Rising Star program. Under her leadership, Cognizant expanded its Women Empowered program to include New York City.

Eileen Coveney – Senior Partner, Managing Director, L.E.K. Consulting

Coveney recently received the Leadership Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. With 25 years of experience, Coveney has provided strategic advice to over 300 biopharmaceutical organizations. One of her passions lies in giving guidance to talented and ambitious female consultants in the form of the “4Cs” – competence, confidence, cognizance and connectivity. 

Elizabeth Brady – Chief Marketing, Innovation and Corporate Relations Officer, Allstate

Coming up in the agency world, Brady brings a keen eye for advertising to Allstate. She expressed her excitement about using innovation at the insurance giant, and we’re excited to see how she moves the brand forward.

Erin Dady – Chief Marketing Officer, Bremer Bank

Dady’s diverse experience in public office, education and now the private sector make her a triple threat as she leads Bremer Bank’s marketing function. She has been a dedicated champion for her community, too, lending her skills to the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity and other nonprofits.

Falon Fatemi – Founder and CEO, Node

Fatemi began making her mark on the tech world when she was still a teenager. At 19, she was Google’s youngest employee. She went on to found her own company, Node, which caught the attention of Mark Cuban. Fatemi has been named to a host of top lists, including Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business and Marie Claire’s New Guard List of female visionaries.

Francesca Leschin – Sr. Manager of Sales Operations, PayPal

Leschin launched PayPal’s new sales enablement platform and drives cross-team collaboration among content owners, training teams, sales management and operations to ensure adoption.

Gerri Elliott – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Cisco

Elliott inspires us with her commitment to diversity and empowering women in business. Not only has she charted an impressive career for herself, including holding positions as the first chief sales and marketing officer of Cisco and member of the board of Whirlpool, but she also created Broadrooms, an informational resource for women who want to join corporate boards.

Gina Gutzeit – Senior Managing Director, Office of the CFO Solutions Practice Leader, FTI Consulting

Gutzeit recently received the Leadership Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. Gutzeit also lends her leadership and relentless innovation to the board of trustees and finance committee of Richmond University Medical Center.

Ginni Rometty – CEO, IBM

In the seven years since taking the reins at IBM, Rometty has led the most significant transformation in the company’s history. She has kept IBM, more than a century old, on the forefront of ethics, technology and culture with job training programs, a commitment to data responsibility and transparency and unceasing innovation. One highlight of her tenure that resonates with us is the award-winning “returnships” program that helps women return to work after parental leave.

Grace Puma – Executive Vice President of Global Operations, PepsiCo

Fortune named Puma the No. 2 most powerful Latina in business in 2018, and it’s easy to see why. In her time at PepsiCo, she’s been regarded as a strategist and change agent who finds the best-possible solutions to business challenges while transforming organizations into globally connected, high-performing businesses.

Janet Owens – Vice President of Marketing, GW&K Investment Management

Owens has led marketing for GW&K for more than two decades. We love shouting out our neighbors in Boston!

Jeanette Carlsson – Executive Vice President of Communications and Brand Management, Getinge

Carlsson is the highest-ranking marketer at Getinge as a member of the executive team. With a global reputation to maintain, she brings experience from her time leading communications at Volvo.

Jessica Jarvis – Principal and Client Service Lead, ZS

Jarvis recently received the Excellence in Client Service Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. A people person first, Jarvis was driven to ZS because of the unique backgrounds and experience of her future colleagues. Since joining, she earned a spot on ZS’s Client Service Council – a team of four principals that help facilitate best-practice sharing among the top client accounts.

Jill Konrath – Sales Expert and Bestselling Author

We love seeing leaders who are excited to share what makes them great and humble enough to continue learning. Konrath is a woman to follow for advice on becoming a better seller and never stops learning herself.

Jodi Bednar – Director, Energy and Utilities, West Monroe Partners

Bednar recently received the Excellence in Client Service Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. As Director of Energy and Utilities, Bednar delivers value to clients at any stage of transformation – from technology evaluation to operations.

Jody Bilney – Chief Consumer Officer, Humana

Bilney plays a leading role in Humana’s ongoing transformation into a consumer-driven enterprise.

Joy Buolamwini – Founder, Algorithmic Justice League

Buolamwini leads the Algorithmic Justice League at MIT to fight coded bias. What’s that? Check out her TED Talk to learn. Basically, she’s making machine learning a better place for everyone. She’s wicked smart—the recipient of multiple prestigious scholar- and fellowships—and we’re excited to see how she makes tech more equitable.

Julia White – Corporate Vice President of Product Marketing, Microsoft

White accompanied Satya Nadella at his first product launch as CEO of Microsoft. That was in 2014. Since then, she’s become a regular in front of crowds sharing her insight on digital transformation.

Julie Sweet – CEO of North America, Accenture

A three-time member of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list, Sweet is a leader at Accenture and beyond as she shares her time with organizations like Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.

Kara Murphy – Partner, Bain & Company

Murphy recently received the Leadership Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. Murphy has spent nearly three decades at Bain, where she co-leads the Healthcare Private Equity team.

Kate Philpot – Sr. Director of Global Sales Enablement, Getty Images

Philpot is a cross-functional powerhouse, working across sales and HR to manage a global team in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, somehow finding a way to balance competing priorities and provide sellers with what they need to meet aggressive targets.

Kathleen Pierce – Director of Global Commercial Enablement, Illumina

Pierce has been committed to excellence at Illumina, and her hard work paid off in 2018 when her sales content strategy was awarded the ROI Award for best content strategy by SiriusDecisions.

Kathy Button-Bell – Chief Marketing Officer, Emerson

Staying relevant isn’t easy—especially for brands that are more than a century old—but Emerson has the benefit of Kathy Button-Bell at the helm of its marketing effort, and she has helped the manufacturer firmly plant itself in the future with ad campaigns that position the company as a solution-provider for tough challenges.

Kelly Smith Dotson – Chief Marketing Officer, Numerator

Recognized for creating inspired brands, motivated teams and data-centric programs, Kelly Smith Dotson has led the digital transformation at NYSE, VC-backed and Berkshire Hathaway-owned companies.

Kimberly Ellenberg – Sales Enablement Manager, Thomson Reuters

Ellenberg launched Thomson Reuters’ sales enablement technology and continues to lead its refinement as a 13-year veteran with the company. She is passionate about efficiency and productivity and coordinates efforts among marketing and sales teams.

Kumsal Bayazit – CEO, Elsevier

Bayazit just stepped into the CEO spot this year, but she has been an influential leader in and around RELX Group, the parent company of Elsevier, and its subsidiaries for years. Bayazit’s impressive pedigree has prepared her to be the first female CEO in Elsevier’s more-than-140-year history.

Leslie Day – Chief Communications Officer, Bessemer Trust

Day has led communications at Bessemer Trust for the past six years while sharing her insight on the firm’s corporate technology. Prior to Bessemer, she marketed Bank of America on the global stage, including at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos.

Lisa Bacus – Global Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, Cigna

Bacus has won numerous marketing awards, including four Effie awards, for various business and marketing efforts. At Cigna, she has led marketing efforts that not only improve the health of Cigna’s bottom line, but of its customers.

Lisa Magnuson – Founder and CEO, Top Line Sales

When you bill yourself as a seven-figure-deal closer, you have to deliver, and Magnuson has done that and helps sales teams achieve it themselves through her books and services.

Mary Mack – Sr. Executive Vice President of Community Banking, Wells Fargo

A three-time alumna of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business list, Mack oversees more than 100,000 team members at Wells Fargo. Somehow she finds time to sit on the board of Habitat for Humanity International and the board of trustees for United Way Worldwide, too.

Meg Whitman – CEO, Quibi

Whitman could have stopped working last year when she concluded her tenure as CEO of Hewlett Packard—by that time she had also had a successful run as CEO of eBay—and have achieved more than many people will in their entire careers. But never one to shy away from an opportunity, Whitman is now leading a soon-to-be-launched short-form streaming service that promises to change entertainment forever.

Melissa Madian – Founder, TMM Enablement Services

Madian is a sales enablement expert who was named one of the most influential women leading B2B marketing technology. You can find her at sales kickoffs and quarterly business review meetings, usually speaking to a room of people eager to get a piece of her insight.

Nancy Nardin – Founder, Smart Selling Tools

LinkedIn added Nardin to its 2019 list of influential sales pros to follow, and it’s clear why: Nardin is an authoritative voice in the sales blogosphere and backs it with nearly four decades of experience. Her Sales Technology Landscape is a point of reference for sales organizations everywhere trying to optimize their tech stacks.

Neeti Bhardwaj – Principal, AT Kearney

Bhardwaj recently received the Future Leader Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. Back in 2006, Bhardwaj came to the US from India to complete her MBA. After a summer internship at AT Kearney, she never looked back. Bhardwaj’s greatest accomplishment is being selected for the Global Manager Exchange.

Pam McDonald,  – Principal, Impact Advisors

McDonald recently received the Excellence in Client Service Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. Some 29 years ago, McDonald was employed as a temporary VP Executive Assistant for a healthcare consulting firm. This was her intro to consulting. Years later she empowers other women to trust their guts and have faith.

Paula Polito – Global Client Strategy Officer, UBS

Named one of Forbes’ most powerful women in finance last year, Polito has been an advocate for women’s financial health. She took the stage at the 2018 Women in the World Summit and did some truth-telling about the financial trends facing women and how they can prepare themselves to be independent.

Safra Catz – Co-CEO, Oracle

It takes a certain amount of visionary thinking and a lot of leadership to set a market-leading tech company even further out in front of its competition, but Catz has used both to help Oracle mature as a global business and remain relevant by transforming into a cloud- and platform-oriented business.

Sandy Torchia – Partner, Advisory Services, US Rick Assurance Service Line Leader, KPMG

Torchia recently received the Leadership Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. A leader in the workplace and athlete in her free time, Torchia puts 100% into anything she does. Having competed in a half Ironman a few years ago, Torchia advises other women to put the same amount of time and energy into themselves as they put into their careers.

Sharon Driscoll – Chief Marketing Officer of Global Industries and Vice President of Sales Enablement, IBM

Driscoll is leading the adoption of IBM’s sales enablement solution, and under her leadership, her team has been the recipient of multiple awards for their marketing work, including a Cynopsis Short Form Award, Global ACE Business Marketing Award and Shorty Award.

Sharon Scanlon – Head of Customer Experience for Individual Life, Annuity and Retirement, Lincoln Financial

Scanlon is a seasoned veteran of the financial services industry with more than 25 years of experience across marketing, sales, customer experience and product strategy.

Sonia Sande – Principal, Northeast Performance Improvement Growth, EY

Sande recently received the Leadership Award as a part of Consulting Magazine’s The 2018 Women Leaders in Consulting. As if that wasn’t enough, Sande was internally recognized in successive years in EY’s “Women Who Inspire” program. Sande prioritizes the success of others, stating: “I love making connections to help people achieve their personal goals and plans.” We need more leaders like Sande!

Susan O’Sullivan – Vice President of US Sales, Ingram Micro

Three-time member of the Business First Power 125 list, O’Sullivan has spent her career at Ingram Micro working up to VP of Sales from assistant sales rep in 1990.

Susan Wojcicki – CEO, YouTube

Few people can say they started one of the biggest tech companies in the world in their garage—and neither can Wojcicki, really—but it was her garage that Google was born in, and she was an early addition to its team. Wojcicki has gone on to become one of the most influential marketers in tech as she helms Google’s YouTube.

Tamara Schenk – Research Director, CSO Insights

Sales and marketing leaders rely on Schenk’s insights to make critical decisions in their businesses every day. She has authored a book, Sales Enablement: A Master Framework to Engage, Equip, and Empower A World-Class Sales Force, compiling her knowledge to make it even more accessible.

Taryn Reed – Director of Marketing, Quest Diagnostics

With two decades of experience, Reed brings a wealth of knowledge to Quest acquired at various healthcare IT companies.

Tellye Hedrick – Sr. Vice President and Director of Business Process, Lockton

Hedrick has spent her career at Lockton to improve processes and create efficiencies, so teams can better serve their clients.

Trish Bertuzzi – Founder and CEO, The Bridge Group

Bertuzzi is the author of The Sales Development Playbook and has helped more than 320 companies improve their inside sales strategies. She serves as the president of Women Sales Pros, a platform that connects sales experts and gives them a place to share their knowledge and expertise.

Yarun Nahar – Sr. Manager of Sales Enablement, Rackspace

Nahar earned the title of best woman in sales support of 2018 from the Women in Sales Awards by finding win-win solutions. She believes that articulating value for others, not just yourself, is the best way to be an influencer.

Empowering women in sales isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Read this guide to understand further what it means to be a woman in sales and how to take your selling to the next level.