Together, we all succeed

Through Seismic and the Partner Edge program, we align deeply with organizations who provide unmatched technology, services, and support to deliver on that promise to our customers.

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Together, we all succeed
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Why partner with

Seismic's Partner Program drives mutually beneficial outcomes for both organizations and added value to all customer engagements.

Generate new revenue streams

The most comprehensive solution on the market, Seismic delivers industry-leading tools to orchestrate engaging buying experiences, at scale.

Increase services opportunities

Adding Seismic solutions to your existing customer base can result in growing services revenue for the consulting partners that we work with.

Building customer success

We know that customers with integrated sales and marketing solutions are more productive, efficient and effective.

Partnering with Seismic was a massive benefit for SalesTribe and our clients around the world. As a specialist Sales Enablement consultancy, our partnership with Seismic now means that we can bring a holistic and world leading Sales Enablement solution to our business clients which incorporates people, process and technology. SalesTribe delivers the 'why' and the 'how', and Seismic delivers the platform upon which our clients now execute….it's a match made in heaven.

- Graham Hawkins, CEO & Founder, SalesTribe

Loopio's partnership with Seismic is at the core of our long-term growth strategy. As many strong partnerships do, our relationship began with our mutual customers and their recognition that our two solutions, together, would provide the comprehensive end-to-end solution for sales content management, proactive content delivery, and sales proposal creation that large global organizations require to achieve their revenue objectives.

- Justin Peimani, Director of Partnerships, Loopio

At LeadMD, marketing is our passion – as such we recognize that content marketing is the most powerful ingredient in building strong buyer relationships. Our clients rely on Seismic to ensure the right content makes it to the right prospect, at the right time. Partnering with Seismic is a natural fit as their solution spans the funnel from top of funnel engagement all the way to sales enablement. We’re proud to partner with the industry leader.

- Justin Grey, CEO and Founder, LeadMD

We are delighted to partner with Seismic; we see Sales Enablement as a much bigger and more important category than ABM, and we think in the next 5 years its adoption will become as mainstream as Marketing Automation or Marketing Cloud. Sales Enablement really is a game changer that the C-suite cannot afford to ignore, as it drives sales and marketing alignment and productivity in the enterprise. For Clevertouch we see Seismic as the missing piece of technology in our Martech Spine framework

- Adam Sharp CEO & Co-founder, Clevertouch

We view Seismic as an essential component of today's enterprise technology story. As a leader in sales enablement and marketing orchestration, Seismic is an ideal fit for our clients who are focused on accelerating their sales processes. We found an immediate connection with their teams and have been able to create joint opportunities within just a few months.

- Nicholas DeBenedetto, CEO, LeapPoint

Since becoming a Seismic customer and partner at the end of 2019, we have enabled ourselves as a business to improve multiple facets of our Sales and Marketing functions, some of which were challenges we didn’t even know we were facing. Post addressing our own issues, we have loved the ability of being able to go to our customer to help them identify and solve the same issues we were facing.

- Matthew Verity, Head of Business Consulting Services, Artis Group

Our clients value partnering with Integreon and Seismic as they know this insures world class resources are delivering for them every day. Seismic shares our same philosophy – leverage people, process and technology to achieve ideal client outcomes.

- Murray Joslin, Senior Vice President, Integreon

We enjoy a very close and collaborative relationship with Seismic. The trust, openness and ability to co-work on projects ensure highly impactful outcomes for our joint clients

- Phill Battersby, CEO Tectonic

We are very excited to offer the Seismic + SalesLoft integration to the market. Our partnership enables mutual customers to engage more authentically and empathetically with their buyers through engagement and content. Ultimately we strive to facilitate our customers to deliver a better buying experience to their customers.

- Sean Kester, VP Platform Strategy, SalesLoft

We take pride in offering a best-of-breed readiness platform that helps our clients stay prepared for any selling situation. Through our partnership with Seismic, we’re able to build off that value with a best-of-all-worlds, integrated solution for any sales enablement requirement.

- Chuck Searle, VP Partnership & Alliances, Brainshark

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Strategic partners

We are proud to have comprehensive integrations and strong partnerships with these key organizations.

Consulting partners

Our consulting partners help our customers to drive value from their investment in Seismic, supporting them in implementation and a range of wider services.

Integration partners

We know that having all your systems connected drives better productivity so we align with and have integrations to market leading solutions.