Seismic Acquires SAVO Group


What's the news?


We have announced that we are acquiring SAVO Group, another sales enablement provider. The Seismic acquisition of SAVO combines two of the largest sales enablement brands and brings together the two most experienced teams in the sales enablement industry. The result puts further distance between Seismic and other sales enablement providers in terms of the breadth of product, customer success team capabilities, and shared knowledge and best practices — all to ensure customers consistently exceed their enablement goals and become leaders in their organizations.

Who is SAVO Group?


Founded in 1999 in Chicago, SAVO created the first sales enablement solution and is one of the largest providers in the space.

SAVO serves larges enterprises in a host of industries, including technology, life sciences, and financial services, and is also one of the few other sales enablement solutions other than Seismic to have a global footprint. The customer base and target market similarities is one of the main reasons why we think that SAVO joining forces with us makes for such a great opportunity for our customers and the market at large.

Why did Seismic acquire SAVO Group?


Sales enablement is one of the fastest growing practices in the world of sales and marketing today. 74% of organizations increased their investments in sales enablement last year, according to SiriusDecisions. The time is now for our customers to further capitalize on this momentum, and we see the combined new company as an incredible opportunity for us to help them do that.

The Seismic acquisition of SAVO brings together two amazing teams. SAVO adds more strength to our product and customer success organizations which already make up two-thirds of Seismic’s overall headcount. As the first sales enablement provider, SAVO brings extensive experience to further help customers in their sales enablement journey with best practices and counsel, and we also plan on bringing in key pieces of their platform’s technology to make Seismic’s leading platform even stronger. We also saw SAVO’s complementary customer base as a great fit for our own, and we look forward to finding more ways for customers to help each other and spread sales enablement best practices and counsel.

Ultimately, what this means for customers is that no one has ever had more sales enablement support and technology resources available to them as they do now. We can’t wait to see what the result of that will be.

What does this mean for the rest of the sales enablement market?


The sales enablement market continues to grow by leaps and bounds due to the sales productivity benefits companies are seeing with the tools they implement. But with this news, Seismic has established itself as the only major player in the space, about three times the size of our next biggest competitor. We look forward to continue leading the way for the rest of the market, helping to continually expand and re-define what it means to be a marketing and sales enablement provider.

How much did Seismic pay to acquire SAVO?


We are not disclosing the price of the acquisition.

Will this impact customer service or the product?


No. The acquisition of SAVO will not hinder customer experience with the Seismic platform and team in any way. In fact, customers can look forward to even more technology innovation and more value out of their relationship with Seismic. We now have more resources to roll out new product features at an even faster rate, along with a team of folks from SAVO who bring many years of sales enablement experience to the table.

Seismic keeps getting bigger. Will Seismic be able to deliver the same level of support?


We at Seismic fully realize that our success is 100 percent due to the success customers have had with our product. We have made it our number one priority to continue to offer the same exceptional level of service customers have come to expect from us, no matter how fast we grow. We’re incredibly excited about this news, because we now have even more resources available to us to even better serve customers going forward.

What will the new company look like?


All in all, Seismic will have more than 450 employees and an even stronger foothold in key industries such as technology, financial services, and life science — in addition to a growing footprint in Europe which followed our successful launch in Australia last year.

We're bringing together a set of sales enablement experience that is unmatched.  That translates to the pace at which we can innovate and build a product that has already been marked as being the leader in all major analyst reports since 2016. That translates to even greater customer success, an even faster rate at which new clients can start to derive sales productivity benefits out of the product, and an even deeper and more valuable relationship customers can develop with Seismic through ongoing counsel and best practices.