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Elevates sales productivity by 5 hours per seller each week
5 hours
selling time regained per week per seller
reduction in costs by removing redundant content and repositories

The challenge

How to remove productivity bottlenecks and progress deals faster

Artis faced the challenge of sellers accessing different versions of sales and marketing collateral residing in multiple disparate content repositories. The process of creating proposals requested by customers was labor-intensive and time-consuming, lacking content governance. Sales reps lacked visibility into how buyers were engaging with the content they shared. These issues impacted sales productivity and response times, adding to the risk of fragmented buyer experiences.

The solution

Seismic enables sales to optimize customer engagement with personalization and insights

By centralizing go-to-market resources in the Seismic platform and integrating with their CRM – Microsoft Dynamics, Artis sales reps can now confidently share the right content at the right time with prospects. Using content personalization at scale on the Seismic platform, sellers can customize presentations, proposals and other documents in a few minutes. This frees up more time for selling and client engagement while personalizing the buyer experience. Insights gleaned from engagement analytics of shared content help Artis sales reps drive greater relevance in customer interactions.


A highly efficient revenue engine

Artis has increased sales productivity through reduced time in content generation for clients. Artis has also improved customer experience through content personalization, shorter response times and tailored customer discussions based on engagement insights. Using aggregated content analytics from Seismic, Artis gained operational efficiencies by retiring redundant content and repositories, reducing operating costs.

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