Leverages data analytics to maximize seller performance
Seismic adoption
Reduction in content

The Challenge

Lacking visibility of content performance 

Clevertouch’s Sales team heavily relies on content in their sales cycle. However, they had no visibility into how their prospects or clients were interacting with shared collateral. Sellers had no way of knowing whether messaging was resonating with prospective customers, hindering efforts to optimize engagement. ​

The Solution

Content analytics improve sales effectiveness

Seismic’s content analytics offered a solution for Clevertouch sellers, improving their insight into how prospective buyers engage with messaging. The data helps sellers personalize follow-up meetings by tailoring the agenda to what the prospect cares about most. This enables Clevertouch sellers to position their narrative and move the deal forward with confidence, powered by data and intelligence. Sellers can also benchmark their activities against top performers to further improve their effectiveness. 

The Result

Optimizing client engagement and driving deals forward

By identifying the best performing content, Clevertouch reduced 60% of their content library to ensure efforts are invested in the highest performing content for sales. 

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