The Summer 2021 Release is here.Learn how Seismic's AI engine helps accelerate sales.

Addresses the complex buyer’s journey with impactful content and analytics
Seller adoption of account-based marketing content
Content used by sales across 1,600+ content assets

The challenge

Create high-quality content faster to support buyers

Domo needed to find a way to help shorten its long, increasingly complex sales cycle. More and more, Domo’s prospective customers expected personalized interactions across their buyer journey. Domo could not create high-quality content fast enough to support its buying cycle and when looking in Seismic, realized 4 out of the top 5 content assets being shared were more than a year old.

The solution

Implement a new content flow for sellers

To streamline sales and marketing efforts, Domo adopted Seismic and Percolate by Seismic. Percolate helps Domo manage content production and orchestrate marketing campaigns, while Seismic supports sales enablement and content flow for their sellers. 

”Watching this turn around so quickly is a testament to the tech and the content coming together in a thoughtful way,” said Eric Duerr, VP of Marketing at Domo, after seeing a meaningful impact on their processes with the full Seismic, Domo and Percolate by Seismic integrations fully up and running.


Increased usage of timely, relevant content

By using Seismic and Percolate by Seismic together, Domo’s sales and marketing teams are now deeply aligned. This alignment has led to 100% adoption of account-based marketing content by their sales team with 97% of their 1,600+ content assets being used by their sellers. Seismic has given sales more autonomy and marketing peace of mind, knowing that the right content is getting to the right buyers at the right moment.

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