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The challenge

Supporting the Complex Sale

In 2020, Domo needed to find a way to help shorten its long, increasingly complex sales cycle. More and more, Domo’s prospective customers expected personalized interactions across their buyer journey. Its buyers’ decisions are often by committee, stretching sales cycles and making it increasingly important for Domo to deliver content that articulates its value proposition tailored to multiple decision makers.  

Eric Duerr, Domo’s VP of Marketing and a marketer who has been a leader in the industry for over 20 years, pinpointed one of his team’s greatest challenges, “Domo has a complex sales cycle. We needed better content to support our buyers.”  

Domo could not create high-quality content fast enough to support its buying cycle. “Content was the biggest bottleneck in our marketing department,” said Duerr. “Despite all of our tools and platforms, none of them really helped us develop content.” 

We had to find a different way to manage our content production.

Eric Duerr
Vice President of Marketing

The solution

Creating a Bridge Between Marketing and Sales

To streamline sales and marketing efforts, Domo adopted Seismic and Percolate by Seismic. Percolate helps Domo manage content production and orchestrate marketing campaigns, while Seismic supports sales enablement and content flow for their sellers. 

Percolate by Seismic helped Domo efficiently manage content production and simplify its marketing technology stack. “Percolate actually is a bundle that has project manager capabilities,” said Duerr. “It has digital asset management (DAM) and overall visualization features. When you factor in those three capabilities, you don’t need some of those other tools.”  

Seismic surfaces Domo’s content for sellers and provides valuable tracking for marketing and sales leadership. As a starting point, Domo tested out Seismic with its account-based marketing (ABM) efforts, a motion for which Domo had little visibility. Now with Seismic, Domo has a way to track this activity and boasts a 100% adoption rate of new material for outbound ABM among its sellers. For the remaining 1,600+ content assets in its library, Domo has 97% content utilization by sales.  

”Watching this turn around so quickly is a testament to the tech and the content coming together in a thoughtful way,” said Duerr.  

By using Seismic and Percolate by Seismic together, Domo’s sales and marketing teams are now deeply aligned. “What’s so awesome about Seismic is that it created the bridge between marketing and sales,” said Duerr. “All the campaigns and assets go into Percolate by Seismic. In Seismic, we’ve orchestrated an enablement journey for sellers, much like we’ve done for buyers.”  

Just-in-Time Enablement 

To help tell their story, Domo uses Seismic Pages to curate content and provide contextual guidance for sellers. Domo creates short videos featuring a variety of subject matter experts, including product marketing, customer success, and analysts, that welcome sellers to a Page and provide valuable background information about the resources available.  

“Sales loves Pages because it’s not just a deck,” said Duerr. “It’s the context. It’s the story. It’s the rationale behind the materials.”   

Best of all, content is curated in a way that makes it easy for sellers to get up to speed on a topic quickly.  

According to Duerr, “Domo creates just-in-time enablement using Seismic in a way that is governed, trackable, and available when a seller needs it most, which sometimes is five minutes before a sales presentation. For us, that’s a big win.” 

Using Analytics to Measure Success and Make Informed Decisions

Using Seismic helps Domo’s marketers estimate marketing ROI and be more transparent about its ability to deliver marketing qualified leads (MQLs). As a measure of success, Domo calculates marketing ROI by the cost per MQL. “From Percolate by Seismic, we put in the MQLs and our sales accepted lead projections for every campaign or content asset,” said Duerr. “And then we pull all of that into Domo because Domo helps us gather and use our data. Creating campaigns and content in Percolate, having it all tracked in Seismic, and then bringing it into Domo to look at our actuals vs. estimates–it is like we are finally getting there after decades of promises across the industry.” 

Reviewing the content that is performing best and understanding what content is adopted most by sellers are the key performance indicators (KPIs) that Domo tracks with Percolate by Seismic. 

Analytics have been especially useful for Domo in understanding sales behavior. “Dark data is all the data in your organization that you can’t access and analyze between sales and marketing,” said Duerr. “We use Seismic to shine a light on that data and the results are really interesting. For example, we had just created 345 new pieces of content. We looked in Seismic to see what’s being used, and 4 of the top 5 pieces of content used by our sales team are older than a year.” These data points help to justify Domo’s marketing and to enable sales best practices.  

When having conversations with sales leadership, “they often say we need to do more of this or that,” said Duerr. “If you’re in marketing you can get sucked into saying yes to everything and agreeing to do more if you don’t have the data to back up your decisions.” Having the integration between Domo, Seismic and Percolate by Seismic has helped the marketing leadership confidently stick to the plans they have in place to reach their goals without having to say yes to everything because of uncertainties in reaching their targets.  


Integrating Sales and Marketing Data 

In 2020, Domo became an integration partner for Seismic, making it possible for all Percolate by Seismic and Seismic customers to connect marketing and enablement data with other key sales and marketing data sources. This connector gives organizations a real-time view of their data. For Domo, this is equally beneficial as it can easily connect its own data with the data generated in its instances of Percolate by Seismic and Seismic. Creating a clearer picture of where they stand on reaching projected quarterly MQLs. 

Continuing the Customer Journey Post Purchase 

Domo has a deep understanding of the buyer journey and the impact of peer recommendations and customer evidence. To continue to foster loyal, happy customers, Domo is starting to use Seismic during the customer’s post-purchase journey. “We are now thinking about what content to build for a person to privately recommend Domo,” said Duerr. “The content needs to provide clarity around our roadmap and use cases. It needs to provide evidence that the customers who use it are getting what they need out of it. Ultimately, we need to create that condition to let the buyer just do what they want to do and quit helicopter parenting them.” Seismic has given sales more autonomy and marketing peace of mind knowing that the right content is getting to the right buyers at the right moment. 

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