Elekta sees 350% increase in content usage

Elekta shares how Seismic helped break down internal silos between marketing and sales, leading to better content from Marketing and 350% more content being used by Sales.

increase in content usage

The challenge

Multiple content repositories created an inconsistent customer experience

Nearly‪ 1,000 ‪pieces ‪of ‪content‪ lived ‪in ‪various‪ portals ‪for‪ Elekta’s‪ sales ‪and ‪marketing‪ teams.‪ Sales ‪wasn’t ‪sure ‪where‪ they‪ should ‪go‪ to look for the content they needed. Meanwhile, marketing had no visibility into what was being used or what was working for sales to close a deal. Spending lots of time searching for the right materials did more than reduce productivity. The lack of consolidation meant creating‪ content ‪on‪ the‪ fly,‪ leading ‪to‪ inconsistencies ‪in ‪Elekta’s‪ customer experience.

The solution

Integration with Salesforce to deliver impactful materials specific to customer needs

Seismic’s sales enablement platform integrated with Salesforce.com to automatically deliver content and presentations to improve the experience for both sales and prospective customers. Through this integration, Marketing gained measurable insights to understand what works and when.


Personalized customer experiences

Implementing Seismic’s platform allowed for an open dialogue between Sales and Marketing, leading to a 350% increase in content usage and higher quality, personalized customer experiences.

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