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Enables and sends targeted, personalized emails in one minute
revenue growth attributed to Seismic in just one quarter
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The challenge

How to streamline manual tedious process sales process

Sales reps at Getty Images followed a complicated process to send personalized emails to prospects through Eloqua. They would pull leads down from their CRM into an Excel file to check the data integrity. Next, they would comb through hundreds of uncategorized, static PDFs to find what they thought was the most appropriate content. Once sellers finally found the materials, they would have to find the correct Eloqua template, populate content, and upload contacts to send an email. This manual, tedious process was frustrating to sales. They were not sure if they were sending the most effective materials based on the opportunity, even after all of that effort.

The solution

Standout customer experiences resulting in increased revenue

Getty Images approached Seismic to be the hub that connects Salesforce, Eloqua, Sharepoint, and a dozen other data sources together. Sales reps can send content that is recommended using Seismic in Salesforce based on what content will most likely resonate with the contact and send directly through the Eloqua integration. This consolidation has greatly reduced the amount of time and energy it takes for sellers to get the right content to prospects at the right time.


Standout customer experiences resulting in increased revenue

Now, it takes just one minute to send materials to prospects using Seismic with Salesforce and Eloqua. With increased productivity and by sending smarter content, sales reps are automatically hitting more than half of their growth goal – 2.7% out of 5%. In one quarter alone(Q4), Seismic assisted in $204,000 of revenue growth.

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