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Harnesses Salesforce data to increase sales effectiveness
content repositories integrated with Seismic

The challenge

Hitachi lacked the right tools to deliver opportunity relevant content to sellers at the right time. Hindered by 11 repositories for 16 different verticals, sellers would waste time sifting through content to find exactly what they needed. Frustrated by the process, sales reps would often ignore new content in favor of the materials stored on their own computers. This was a major content governance headache for marketing.

The solution

As part of a larger digital transformation, Hitachi adopted Salesforce to better keep track of contacts and opportunities. Around the same time, Hitachi implemented Seismic as their marketing and sales enablement platform to integrate directly with Salesforce. Using data from the opportunity’s sales stage, solution of interest, and competition, Seismic serves up Predictive Content in two ways. Internal content is provided to help train the sales team on how to have conversations with prospects and external content that can further grab their prospects’ attention. Sales reps can personalize the Predictive Content to send to prospects, bringing the knowledge and expertise of an over 100 year old enterprise with the personal touch of a boutique company.


Partnering with Seismic, Hitachi integrated 11 different repositories for 16 different verticals with Seismic.

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