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Elevates customer story program through automation
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The challenge

Similar to most companies, customer case studies are the number one requested piece of content from Inspirage’s sales and partner network. Inspirage’s 4-person marketing team was receiving thousands of requests for new stories and updates to existing stories, inundating their small team. The Inspirage marketing team previously provided static slides in SharePoint for their sellers to choose from, but this system was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain both from a categorization and a visibility standpoint. As a result, sellers and partners would typically draw from the handful of slides on their hard drive. These slides were oftentimes outdated or irrelevant to the client situation, and oftentimes sellers would send emails to the entire team asking for specific stories and where they could locate them, which resulted in a barrage of emails impacting the team’s productivity.

The solution

Inspirage partnered with Seismic to scale their customer story program. To get started, the team established a data collection process to gather customer stories throughout the customer lifespan. In addition to pulling in data from their CRM and contracts, the team tasked their sales, implementation, and customer success team to fill out surveys that provided a holistic view of their journey. This enabled the marketing team to conduct informed customer interviews and develop more compelling, detailed stories. Once that data was collected, Inspirage developed a database that housed all customer story content.

Turning to Seismic’s LiveDocs technology, Inspirage integrated their customer story database to automate the creation of case studies. Today, making an update to a customer story is as easy as editing a line of data in a spreadsheet. Additionally, this case study builder, powered by LiveDocs, enables sellers to simply select the type of story they are looking for, and receive automatically generated case study content. Sellers can choose from a database of over 200 stories to send to prospects, depending on the industry, opportunity, product line, and more.


With Seismic, Inspirage’s marketing team provides sellers with new, engaging customer stories for every buyer engagement. The case study builder is the most used asset in Seismic and contains over 200 customer stories, all available in several formats. Additionally, the team can now easily make changes to the content in a single location and automatically update all versions through LiveDocs. As a result, Inspirage’s marketing team can focus on building customer relationships and identifying new customer stories.

Furthermore, through an integration with Eloqua, users can seamlessly generate the case study content, push the materials to Eloqua to send directly to their prospects. Finally, through Seismic’s LiveSend tool, sellers are armed with rich analytics on how their prospects engage with the content.

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