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Streamlines sales communication for sellers and partners
channels updated with region and industry-specific news
average views per quarter
reduction in number of content contributors

The challenge

Rockwell Automation’s marketing team was tasked with communicating all go to market updates, as well as delivering content to over 1,500 sales reps and distributors, across several regions and industries. Communications were fragmented between weekly newsletters, ad hoc emails, and a monthly sales call. This resulted in duplicative updates being sent to sales, wasted time searching for content in disparate locations, and a lack of targeted communications. Rockwell Automation craved a solution that would streamline communications to deliver consistent, targeted messaging.

The solution

Rockwell Automation teamed up with Seismic to centralize the communications being sent to sales. To accomplish this, they established a single location where sales could find all relevant information. Leveraging Seismic’s NewsCenter, the team was able to significantly reduce the time sales spent searching for content. Prior to NewsCenter, communications were sent across a variety of channels from many individuals. Rockwell Automation consolidated the number of content contributors in order to take control of communications. Once the contributors were identified, they were trained and onboarded onto NewsCenter, creating a single distribution center for communications. Then, the contributors were empowered to find new ways to leverage NewsCenter, while still maintaining the established guidelines.

This encouraged them to invest in the success of their individual channels. Furthermore, the team tracked all performance and maintained an open dialogue with contributors to continuously brainstorm ways to improve the user experience. To drive user adoption, Rockwell Automation gathered feedback from both marketing and sales on the look and feel of NewsCenter, which instilled a sense of ownership across these teams. Each channel had a unique structure and branding, creating recognition and consistency for sales.


Adopting NewsCenter established a single source of truth for all sales communications at Rockwell Automation. Today, marketing has a streamlined process for communicating to sales. In addition, sales has a customizable, self service platform to ensure they are receiving hyper relevant, and actionable go to market updates based on their area of expertise.

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