Good customer service videos

Hug your Haters by Jay Baer

Customer service teams dread bad feedback from customers. This customer service video from Jay Baer highlights the enormous opportunity that companies have for customer complaints. Jay reveals research about responding to complaints, why and where customers complain, and how to turn customer service into a marketing play. This engaging and entertaining video can help any customer service team embrace negative customer reviews and use them to level-up their service.

3 Examples of How to Easily Wow Customers with Adam Toporek

The term ‘WOW moment’ in customer service is nothing new. These moments of extraordinary service making an impression on customers and an even longer impression for companies. The good news is that wowing customers is fairly easy to achieve when you take advantage of opportunities that focus on mini-momentous moments. In this customer service video, Adam Toporek shares three examples of how easy it is to create WOW moments with little effort and at a low cost. If you feel inspired by this video, we also suggest checking out the other customer service videos in this series!

Customer Service Secrets from Richard Branson

Virgin Atlantic is known for its exceptional customer service. Founder and CEO, Richard Brandon shares how good customer service starts with treating your employees right.

This customer service video is important for every customer service leader to watch as it addresses effective management styles and how managers can gather open and honest feedback from their team so everyone feels appreciated and inspired to deliver great service. 

5 customer service training videos

5 Ways to Listen Better by Julian Treasure

Listening is one of the most important soft skills for customer service reps. Everyone, including customers, wants to be heard. Customers express themselves through words, tone, and body language, and it’s key for reps to engage in active listening. Julian Treasure’s customer service training video shares five ways that customer service reps can retune their ears for conscious listening.


The Surprising Secret to Speaking with Confidence by Caroline Goyder

Good customer service starts with confident reps and agents. After all, customers want to know that the employee they are talking with knows what they’re doing. This is why it’s so important for every customer service training outline to focus on both learning and practice. When paired together, reps will hone newly learned skills and become more confident. We love this customer service video with Caroline Goyder because she encourages everyone to feel confident in their voice. It’s a great motivational video to share with the entire team to boost confidence and team morale!

7 Essential Customer Support Skills Every Rep Needs by Hubspot

While we all strive to provide a positive customer service each and every time, the truth is, sometimes we fall short. In fact, you can probably think of at least one interaction you’ve had as a consumer where the service was a little lackluster. The good news? Improving customer service skills is possible. With intention practice and conscious investment customer service can be enhanced all around. In Hubspot’s customer service video, they share seven skills to develop in your organization to be a star in the eyes of your customer. 

Funny Customer Service Videos for Training

The Office Customer Service

Customer service is key for any customer-facing role. Just ask the employees of Dunder Mifflin. In this funny customer service video, Micheal, Dwight, and Jim show sales reps exactly what not to do in an interaction with a sales prospect.

Animated Customer Service Videos—Zootopia

Customers value efficient service. In fact, 12% of Americans rate lack of speed as their number one problem with customer service. This bad customer service movie clip is another great example of what not to do when interacting with customers.   

Customer Service Phone Training in The Internship

Despite popular belief, the phone is still the preferred method for customer service. In this hilarious clip from the movie The Internship, a group of students take part in customer service phone training where their customer service phone skills are put to the test. This is an excellent example of the importance of practice for new customer service reps before they start working directly with customers. 

Use customer service videos in training with Lessonly by Seismic

Videos are a powerful training method. We make it easy to share good and bad customer service videos with your team so can see what good customer service looks like. Learn more about Lessonly by Seismic and get a demo today.