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Engagement Lifecycle

Shorten your sales cycle.

When it comes to closing, momentum is key.

16% more time is available to close deals when your team uses Seismic to build customized materials within Salesforce.

Contracts build themselves.

Paperwork was never this easy.

Seismic automates the manual process of creating proposals. Templates come pre filled with customer details, deal terms, and the latest data from your CRM.

Salesforce Integration

Answer questions before they’re asked.

Sales reps will be notified when customers view content and see how much time they’re spending with specific documents. Knowing how customers interact with content makes follow-ups more effective.

ABC - Always Be Compliant.

Audit materials, manage risks, and meet your reporting requirements all from within Seismic.

55% of executive buyers can’t tell if documents have been reviewed by the appropriate people.

— IDC InfoBrief

Signing is simple.

Integration with DocuSign makes signing a cinch.

Generate a contract and send it securely. Everything is automatically tracked in Salesforce.