2021 Global Benchmark REPORT

Le Sales Enablement pour les visionnaires

Sales enablement leaders—Visionaries—practice the art of sales enablement differently. And reap the rewards. We wanted to understand how they differ. So, Seismic conducted a survey of 1,000 B2B business leaders with ownership of or strong influence over sales enablement related decisions.*

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average sales quota attainment for sales enablement Visionaries. How do laggards perform?


of Laggards rate themselves in the top 10% of their industry on customer satisfaction. How do leaders fare?

Visionaries consider sales enablement to be a strategic business enabler


of Visionaries say sales enablement is championed by their most senior leadership. What about laggards?

See how APAC and EMEA sales enablement practices compare

Strategic priority

Globally, while there are some relatively minor differences from region to region, organizations in overall EMEA, APAC, and the U.S. consider sales enablement to be a strategic business enabler, and it is championed by senior leadership. See details

GTM team enablement

Our study revealed that organizations in APAC use sales enablement to support customer-facing teams more widely than their counterparts in other regions of the world. Furthermore, EMEA respondents are more likely to use it to support post-sale organizations including customer service, operations, customer support, and customer service than their counterparts in the U.S.
See details

Visionaries use sales enablement across the customer lifecycle.


of Visionaries focus enablement efforts on pre-sales. 80% focus on the point of renewal. 75% even focus on winning back lost customers. How does that compare with others?


report regularly using data to continuously improve sales processes. But Visionaries excel. How much?

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Download Full Study Results

Read the benchmark report to see takeaways, detailed charts, and data about how sales enablement Visionaries compare with Laggards, as well as with those moving up the maturity ladder.

Visionaries best leverage the sales enablement tech stack and better integrate its data


of Visionaries use a sales content solution. And they use other GTM technologies at significantly higher rates. See the dramatic gap


of Laggards say their sales enablement tech stack is very well integrated. What do Visionaries say?