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Our podcast covers everything from news and industry information, to case studies and product features, to broader discussions about sales enablement and tactics for implementing organizational change. Take a listen below.


Sales Enablement Society Spotlight: Chapter President Jill Guardia

Guest, Jill Guardia
Episode 11

In this episode, we chat with Jill Guardia who is the Director of Global Sales Enablement and Programs at Rapid 7 as well as the President of the Boston Chapter of the Sales Enablement Society. We recap the SE Society's first-ever national meeting, discuss the evolution of sales enablement from Jill's own experience, and get some advice about how to effectively run sales enablement on a global scale.

How Enablement Balances Executive Expectations and Training Goals

Guest, Brian Lamber
Episode 10

While there is a major difference between sales training and sales enablement, training should always remain a part of the overarching enablement strategy. But oftentimes training isn't aligned with enablement, which keeps it from reaching the executive level and meeting executive goals. Brian Lambert, a Founding Director of the Sales Enablement Society, and Managing Director of Oxygen Learning, shares with us best practices for strategically executing training programs as part of the ongoing enablement process.

Driving Incremental Revenue Through Sales Enablement

Guest, Roderick Jefferson
Episode 9

What if sales enablement stopped being perceived as a cost center? What if, instead of thinking of it as training, or onboarding, or the resting place for an organization’s broken things, we thought of sales enablement as a strategic investment—a proactive function that actually enables sales to sell more, sell higher and sell faster? According to Roderick Jefferson, we may already be there.

How to Run Enablement as a Business Within a Business

Guest, Jen Marie Jacober
Episode 8

According to the Sales Enablement Society, sales enablement must be operated as a business within a business in order to succeed. No one knows this better than Jen Marie Jacober, Co-founder of the Society and sales enablement consultant. In this episode, Jen Marie talks us through what it means to operate enablement as a business within a business, and how to measure the success of enablement with sales as your internal customer.

Marketing’s Pivotal Role in Sales Enablement

Guest, Matt Heinz
Episode 7

One of the major reasons sales enablement fails is due to misalignment among departments, especially when it comes to sales enablement ownership. In this episode, we speak with Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, to discuss Marketing's pivotal role in sales enablement.

Building a Business Case for Sales Enablement

Guest, Tamara Schenk
Episode 6

Practitioners that have successfully executed a strategic sales enablement function stress the necessity of executive buy-in through building an internal business case for sales enablement, and no one has more experience with this than Tamara Schenk. In this episode, we talk with Tamara about the steps necessary for crafting an internal business case for enablement, including using a maturity model and aligning enablement goals with the overarching business strategy.

Building an Unstoppable Sales Enablement Team

Guest, Daniel West
Episode 5

Maybe you have a winning strategy built out. You might even have the best technology and processes available to support the strategy. But without the right individuals, roles and team in place, sales enablement success is flat out impossible. Daniel West, VP of Sales Strategy and Operations at Infoblox, shares his best practices for building an unstoppable sales enablement team.

A Social, Strategic and Buyer-Centric Approach to Sales Enablement

Guest, Jill Rowley
Episode 4

When you hear the name Jill Rowley, “social selling” probably comes to mind. But as a self-proclaimed “sales professional trapped in a marketer’s body,” Jill is someone that any sales, enablement or marketing leader should know. In this episode, Jill explains the importance of understanding your buyer, how sales enablement and social selling intersect strategically, and why forming genuine, meaningful relationships with prospects through social can be the difference between a won and lost deal.

Crafting a Strategic Definition for Sales Enablement

Guest, Thierry van Herwijnen
Episode 3

In this episode of the Sales Enablement Shift podcast, we sit down with Thierry van Herwijnen to nail down a definition of sales enablement that reflects today’s industry standards and, most importantly, organizational needs. Thierry also shares his opinions about the evolution of sales enablement, how to get executive buy-in for enablement initiatives, and the greatest challenges facing enablement practitioners today.

Identifying the Areas of Brokenness in Sales Enablement

Guest, Nicole O'Brien
Episode 2

In this edition of the Sales Enablement Shift podcast, Nicole O'Brien from the Tiferet Group joins Daniel Rodriguez to discuss sales enablement's four areas of brokenness, and how Marketing can help client-facing teams interact more effectively with buyers.

Building a Foundation for Sales Enablement

Guest, Scott Santucci
Episode 1

In the first episode of the Sales Enablement Shift podcast, Seismic VP of Marketing Daniel Rodriguez speaks with Scott Santucci, Director of the Alexander Group. Scott and Daniel discuss the major issues affecting sales enablement today, what this means for individuals in enablement roles, and how they can get executive buy-in from the C-Suite for sales enablement.


Daniel Rodriguez, VP of Marketing at Seismic, introduces the Sales Enablement Shift podcast. Daniel highlights what sales, marketing and sales enablement leaders will learn, who we'll be interviewing, and why sales enablement matters to a number of stakeholders in the organization.

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