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Align teams and accelerate marketing impact

Seismic empowers leading marketing teams to efficiently plan, manage and deliver scalable campaigns through impactful content across marketing and sales channels​.

Align marketing and sales
Align marketing and sales

Plan and coordinate across marketing and sales channels. Enable sales with news, training and context-rich sales plays that help them win.

Get to market faster
Get to market faster

Decrease content and campaign production times with templatized briefs, workflows and task management.

Increase efficiency and efficacy
Increase efficiency and efficacy

Insights from creation to close identify what’s working so teams can replicate their success.

Delivering a differentiated and engaging story to buyers is harder than ever

Siloed teams, tools and processes slow progress, sales is pitching decks from 5 years ago and teams lack analytics into what compels buyers to act.

Align teams and accelerate marketing impact

Seismic is the only platform that brings together marketing campaigns, enablement programs and sales plays to increase revenue.

Are your go-to-market teams aligned?

Seismic’s industry leading approach to aligning taxonomies, content and analytics provides teams with a common language to collaborate and win, more efficiently and effectively.

Are insights driving your go-to market strategy?

Seismic empowers teams to manage, create and distribute compelling content, coupled with the news, training and context for sales to win.

Is your content engaging sellers and buyers?

Marketing teams are challenged with creating compelling content and campaigns that sales uses and measurably impact buyers.

Scale with this solution

“Seismic ‪is ‪a ‪friendly ‪and ‪intuitive‪ platform.‪ I‪ can ‪easily locate content and LiveSend to a customer or a colleague.‪ ‪The‪ guided‪ selling ‪tool‪ is ‪also ‪really ‪important to improve the opportunity selling process.”

Julio LimaSales and Marketing Coordinator

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Marketing teams struggle to deliver compelling content

Current State
Leading Company

Businesses without Seismic

revenue decline for companies without marketing and sales alignment
of sellers can’t find the materials they need
of marketers forget sales enablement when producing content
of buyers now prefer digital engagement

Seismic Customers

adoption rate
faster time to market
more leads in pipeline
faster time to close revenue

2000+ companies use Seismic to align teams and increase revenue

Deliver more revenue and faster when you align marketing and
sales with Seismic.


Riding the Next Wave of Enablement: The Ultimate Guide

From training to coaching to creating the right content and delivering that content at the right time, there’s a lot that goes into making enablement—and sellers—a success. Thankfully, we’ve got the ultimate guide.

marketing impact

Seismic aligns marketing and sales teams to deliver more revenue and faster wins. 

Break down silos between go-to-market teams with transparent campaign and workflow management.

Enable your organization to execute and govern integrated campaigns from a single source of truth.

Distribute targeted content across multiple personas, teams, tools and channels.

Provide your teams the insights on how tasks, content, campaigns impact the business.