Measurement. Mobility.

With Seismic, Sales and Marketing collaborate to deliver compliant, custom content while driving measurable results and developing stronger customer relationships.

Case Study

Case Study

Elekta, a global medical device company, struggled to manage thousands of product brochures, pitch decks and sales assets. Reps were wasting valuable time searching for the most relevant and up-to-date content. With Seismic, Elekta can now provide sales with a single, accessible source for all content, whether they’re on their iPads or within Reps are able to spend the time they’ve gained on building stronger customer relationships.


Business Challenge

Reps are always preparing for what’s next – whether it’s a sales call, a product training or an upcoming case. Depending on the day, you can find them working from two to three different mobile devices. Add to that multiple product lines, various regions and thousands of pieces of collateral to choose from, finding time to search for and prepare the perfect piece of content for each physician is a challenge.
Marketing not only needs to closely manage those thousands of pieces of collateral, but they need to measure their performance, too.


With Seismic, reps are able to present hyper-personalized content at both a regional and business unit level – all on any mobile device. With ultimate version control and an extensive analytics dashboard, marketing is able to keep sales compliant and on-message while constantly measuring the performance of every engagement.

Business Benefit

Marketing is able to deliver on-brand, relevant collateral to sales on any device, enabling reps to spend less time searching and more time developing and strengthening their customer relationships.

Use Seismic To:


Increase Time Spent Selling

Sales spends their time selling and supporting their physicians rather than searching for content.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

Deliver the right collateral to the right person at the right time, reducing time spent on pre-call planning.

Enhance Efficiency

Seismic allows reps offline access to content on any device, reducing room for error while in front of the physician.


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