We solve content problems so you can spend more time helping solve patients’ problems.

Seismic allows your team to surface the right content, for the right person at the right time – because in the medical device space, every conversation counts.

For medical device sales reps, every interaction is critical.

Reps are always preparing for what's next - and in most cases only get five minutes to convey value to a prospective physician.

We are at the beginning of the personalized medicine movement. Using Seismic, reps are able to demonstrate why the device matters to both a physician’s practice and their patients by sharing personalized content assembled on any mobile device.

In today’s environment of strict regulation and reduction in spending for healthcare, life sciences companies are under pressure to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and provide greater value to the system—and sales enablement is a crucial component to achieving all of the above.

Learn the impact of sales enablement in life sciences:

Case Study

Illumina, a global biotechnology company, provides a large variety of complex genetic testing products to a number of life science and government verticals. Due to the volume and range of content assets, the sales team and support teams were struggling to find the most relevant and up-to-date information, messaging, and content for every product, market, and sales/customer stage.

With Seismic, Illumina is now able to support its new sales methodology and enable its global sales and support teams to find, distribute, and track the perfect pieces of content in every situation. In every prospect and customer engagement, reps are served contextually relevant content based on the situation’s attributes directly through Illumina’s reps can dynamically customize and assemble content when necessary with Seismic’s LiveDocs® technology, distribute it with Seismic’s LiveSend capabilities, and measure engagement with the platform’s analytics dashboard.

Illumina, Inc. with Seismic - Case Study


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