SAN DIEGO, CA—Feb 2, 2015— Seismic, the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution, today announced a release of its software that includes a new iPad application and new ways to deliver content via The updates continue Seismic’s mission to make it easy for sales reps to access sales materials wherever they are, easily share those materials and get feedback on how prospects are engaging with it.

The major enhancements featured in the software update include:

  • A new iPad application that allows for online and offline content access
  • Intuitive and contextual search functionality, both via folders and filter
  • Improved meeting management that allows for the adding and changing of content
  • A new delivery option that allows content and data to easily be saved to

“Our vision is to create a sales enablement platform that solves all content-related problems for sales and marketing teams. The challenge of delivery—meaning how sales teams get sales materials in their own hands and then in front of their prospects—is a problem that plagues most large companies,” said Seismic CEO Doug Winter. “And when you solve that problem for sales teams, the next question that arises is, ‘How are my prospects interacting with what I’m sending them?’”

The new features in Seismic’s platform allow sales teams to track the usage and consumption of sales materials that they share with customers. This allows for a more personalized, one-on-one interaction with prospects and existing customers.

The new features increase win rates for enterprise sales organizations, shorten sales cycles and give sales reps a competitive advantage throughout the selling process.

About Seismic

Seismic is the leading end-to-end sales enablement solution that increases sales productivity and marketing effectiveness by delivering the right content at the right time on any device. By creating, customizing and analyzing sales materials with Seismic, our customers dramatically increase time spent selling and improve win rates. With offices in San Diego and Boston, Seismic is privately held by its three-time serial entrepreneur executive team and leading venture capital firms JMI Equity and Sigma West.