Platform Capabilities

Built from the ground up, Seismic enhances every aspect of the sales and marketing relationship, making it the world’s most powerful sales enablement solution.


Create & Organize

Update any fact, logo, case study, or ROI model, and the changes will appear in every piece of collateral. Automatically.

Content creation, simplified.

Marketing teams can create collateral in the programs most familiar to them, like PowerPoint. Workflow capabilities make approval processes and version control simple.

Your content adapts to any situation.

Rather than fulfilling one-off requests that are customer-specific, marketing teams can design content that scales to a wider audience.

Sales reps can assemble personalized presentations from anywhere, without requiring help from marketing.

Documents update automatically.

Whether it’s a single image, multiple slides, or an entire deck, when Marketing updates a piece of content, it automatically gets pushed to every other document.

Seismic tracks all content updates so that you always know which version is the most up-to-date and if it was reviewed by the right team members.

Your content will constantly get smarter.

Documents have built-in analytics so that Marketing can see how often they’re being used. Marketing and Sales can see how prospects interact with the specific collateral they’re given, and understand how well that content is working.


Your Sales team can access content from anywhere. Within Outlook, or on a mobile device.

Easy Access.

Collateral is available from the applications and devices your sales people use every day.

Fresh Content.

Marketing updates instantly push across all of your collateral, so that Sales always uses the most up-to-date material.

Content in context.

Your sales reps don’t need to search for content, because the right content finds them, wherever they are.

And as Seismic learns more about each salesperson, their prospects, and where they are in the sales process, recommendations become more precise.


Collateral builds itself.

Automatic assembly. Perfectly personalized.

Seismic’s LiveDocs® technology allows sales reps to put together a customized presentation made from materials created by marketing for a specific situation.

Always up-to-date.

Seismic integrates with your CRM, and other data sources, and creates a live feed into your sales collateral. You’ll never make another manual update and your content is always up to date.

Sales reps choose from a range of marketing-approved content that best suits their needs.

Content is on-brand, on-message and compliant.

Marketing stays in control of the messaging, so that Sales can focus on selling. Every aspect of the content, from corporate branding to compliance, is exactly how it should be.

Collaborate & Engage

Easily share, refine and deliver winning content.

Streamline your content development.

When Sales and Marketing work from the same platform, there are fewer hand-offs, faster build times, and better meetings with prospects.

Faster content delivery.

Forget downloading files, saving them to your desktop, and then emailing them to your customers. With Seismic, everything is stored in one place, so your sales team can quickly share the right content. Simple and efficient.

Smarter customer engagement.

Seismic shows you how customers are interacting with your collateral. That’s valuable insight to knowing which content is most effective, and how to best respond to your prospects.

Analyze & Succeed

Insights into what’s working and best practices to ensure success.

See what’s working.

Sophisticated visualization tools show marketing which collateral drives sales.

Constantly learn from your customers.

Sales reps get instant feedback on which content is resonating the most with their prospects.

Fast ROI.

Our onboarding process and tools allow you to see an ROI within the first ninety days.