Personalized & Informed Selling

Personalized & Informed Selling

Welcome to the Era of the Smarter Seller

 The Sales Status Quo

Strict (but not Necessarily Smart) Selling


We're all aware of the sales status quo...the rigid call scripts...the stringent playbooks that allow for no customization. Sellers used to be able to have the same conversations with all buyers, because buyers had little information available to them about the product or service before speaking with the seller.


The Age of the Informed Buyer

Demands a Smarter Seller


Buyers now have access to an abundance of information about the products they are interested in — which ones get the best reviews, best suited for different industries, etc. They also expect an incredible experience with each interaction.

Today's Seller Needs New Strengths:

Personalization, Preparation & Knowledge


Enter the era of the smarter seller. Today’s sellers need to be expert researchers and self-educators, and they need to augment traditional sales playbooks with creativity and intelligence to provide an incredible buying experience.


Smarter selling requires a smarter platform.


Enterprises now need to provide the necessary resources to make their sellers smarter. They need technologies that automatically centralize and make available personalized content and training, that offer a user experience designed to increase adoption and productivity, that analyze large sets of data to intelligently offer each seller recommendations on what to do next that will help move their unique sales cycles.

All done in a way that maximizes their sellers' time so they can spend more time learning about their buyers.