Empower revenue teams with Seismic’s Content Analytics

Deliver actionable content insights, from creation to close

What are revenue teams missing?

Lack of visibility into Sales use of content creates holes that restrict revenue growth:

Marketing doesn’t know what
content works—and what doesn’t.

Sellers don’t know which content engages buyers.

Enablement and Sales leaders can’t identify best practices to share with their sellers.

How does Seismic’s
Content Analytics work?

Seismic provides Sales and Marketing teams visibility into what’s working and what’s not, arming them with the insights to accelerate sales cycles and increase win rates.

A complete picture

See prospect engagement, what content and messaging is working, and what deals are at risk to prioritize follow up.

Actionable insights

Role-based, campaign, and work management dashboards give you the info you need—right out of the box.

Data delivered your way

Customizable dashboards give you the flexibility to see how prospects are responding to content and answer your specific business questions.

White Paper

The Next Era of Sales: AI-Guided Selling

AI will usher in a new era of sales, helping sellers become more effective. Read this white paper to learn what is driving the move to AI-powered selling and what it will look like.

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Quickly and confidently connect with customers-to-be

Seismic’s Content Analytics helps Sales and Marketing teams answer the content questions that accelerate sales and drive revenue.

Sales Teams

See prospect engagement, what content and messaging is working, and what deals are at risk to prioritize follow up.

Stand out from the masses

Capture and keep attention with immersive experiences, wow-ing prospects for 35% more leads in your pipeline.

Speed up sales cycles

Move deals forward 12 days faster with relevant, personalized content for each stage of the sales cycle.

Extend the power of Content Analytics to
your BI and reporting tools of choice and
easily merge with other datasets.


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